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I have a ton of parks for you all to download.

Hey, I have 13 cool and innovative (NOT) parks/scenarios for ya all to download.

I'll give ya the parks in order of most downloaded.  All the rest of them except #13 are on the 'Scenarios' thread. 

I also have a question, for those who have downloaded it, have ya beaten any?

If you wanna check the rest out, go find the links in the 'Scenarios' thread I made.

Thanks! Enjoy these simple creations!

1st place = 03 - Tipton Bay: 61 downloads

2nd place = 05 - Mammoth Shores: 44 downloads 

(Track Creator Park is actually ahead of this, but isn't an actual scenario link below. 46 downloads).

3rd place = 09 - Holiday Forests: 42 downloads

4th place = 08 - Disaster Plains: 36 downloads

5th place (TIE) = 01 - Chamber Lake & 02 - Heigel Desert:  32 downloads

Chamber Lake: http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/14321

Heigel Desert: http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/14326

I would like you to vote of the six above, which is your favorite? (Track Creator Park being the exception).

My Favorite = Holiday Forests

 I also have an idea, so how we have the Build It! competition only, I was thinking on having a Create a Scenario competition. Where we go off and vote amongst four parks/scenarios and see who wins after a week. Yes, just like the Build It! competition, but different. 

How does that sound? Who agrees, who doesn't?
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Once I get RCT2 back I'll be sure to check these out m8, I also like your idea however not sure how many would actually enter it.
Team CoasterTech

Would be very cool if it happened, not sure it will though.
Resuming regularly scheduled programming!

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