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NoLimits 2 What did you just do in NoLimits 1 or NoLimits 2?

@Terry Inferno, if it is in any way like what the RCTW building mechanisms will be like, I will be surprised. I will definitely try it out mucho soono. Wink
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@ChrisMDB, the other one will contain foliage and much more terrain interaction, as well as a custom-built wood station and other beam-based buildings similar to the ones on Silver Hill Mine Ride. Like that one, it's set in the middle of a forest, so there will be plenty of trees.

The one in the desert took up a small space and left very little room for terrain interaction. I left the foliage out of that one because it looked very plain on a grass surface, and I wanted to give it a slightly more original setting. It contains a very basic, but custom-built, steel station. Shock Wave is apparently a very inspirational coaster.

@BlazingEmpireHD, I'm not familiar with RCTW's coaster editor, but it's probably easier to learn than the NoLimits editor. What NoLimits does have are thousands of tutorials, so the basic tasks such as learning how to create inversions and how to properly support a ride are all covered.
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@Terry Inferno, what they did is they have it where you can make your own curves and hills using the mouse. Also, it has this mechanism that where if the roller coaster track you are currently laying is dangerous and may possibly crash, the grass will turn yellow for a few seconds. If it beams red, it means it WILL crash (It sometimes works well in red, and NOT in white. Yes, it's funky, I know). Black means it is an invalid spot. And white, well, means good. (Although, roller coasters can still crash when it is white).
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