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Coming EVENTUALLY.....



Amaretto Gardens. My highly custom park.

It's a bigger deal than my other ones namely because it is going to be for the 25th scenario I post. Or, something like that.

It's about 50% done and I am VERY excited about it!

It WILL need some custom rides, and a B&M scenery pack. 

As well two different new roller coasters - Ja227's Giga Looper, and New Element's (The site) parkitech roller coaster, or wing coaster.

EVERY ONE of these roller coasters WILL be uploaded into Build It! (If they haven't already).

There will be most, if not, all of AmazingEarl's rides.

Each day, I will upload one or more screen shots and an update on what I have done. As well, a percentage increase from the last time.

If you have ANY questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas about this whole ordeal, be sure to PM (personal message), or respond here through this forum thread.

I will post up any errors you might find during these few days. 

I cannot wait people! I hope you all are excited!

(Regarding this scenario, it is a WIP, and will not be done for awhile).

Constructive criticism is advised!

Happy Holidays everyone! Be safe! 

Best regards, 



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Is this RCT2? I like the color scheme and the design so far. Terry Inferno is what of the best RCT2 players on this site. So he would be a great reference for RCT2.
@Aecrouch7413, Yes, it is in RCT2. Also, it WILL NOT include add-on packs. (Time Twister, Wacky Worlds, ect...).

However, it's based similarly to Terry Inferno's park. He is a big inspiration to me. It is similar that it will have all custom rides, custom designs, and ALL roller coasters will be entered into Build It! Terry, if you are reading this, you're what I call a 'buddy.'

I am mundo pumped for this to be out for good! Smile Cool
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This is looking very colorful already! I can't wait to see what the rides look like!

If you want to make those flowers look like they're in fancy planter boxes, my favorite technique is to put very short walls around the open vertical edges. I learned this trick from the premade Six Flags parks, which proved to be some of the best references when constructing Brookwood Gardens' scenery. If you use walls that can be painted, you can add even more dazzling colors to your scenic pathways.  Cool

A rail fence, such as the pointy white one or the black and red iron one, can also help your flowers pop out.
[Image: 7sFmb4x.jpg]
¡Viva Mexico!
@Terry Inferno, that sounds like a great idea! I will do this for some, but not all, as it would look repetitive and boring. ALSO, because I'd have WAY too many to go through to do this with. Great suggestion though!
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Mission X15 is looking good, especially with those red, white, and blue trains. If I may suggest relocating that Norway spruce tree underneath the support on the left hand side so the support touches the ground, that ride entrance will look even better.  Smile
[Image: 7sFmb4x.jpg]
¡Viva Mexico!
@Terry Inferno, Hah! I didn't even notice the spruce tree there. You are right, it DOES look tacky. Fortunately, this will be entered into Build It! All of my roller coasters will be also at some point or another.

I did a little bit more work, it now has a few gentle/thrill rides, and 2 more roller coasters.

Mission - X15 (Regretting the name not being Mission X-15.. Wink ), was built in TCP (track creator park) and it has it's screenies taken there also. It will feature (In screen-shot) a rainbow of red/white/blue. It looks epic on the screenies I have. Mission - X15 will be uploaded this next Build It! If not, the next one.

I think I will probably have around 20 coasters, if not, more. This is a HUGE project, and will be done around Christmas time. I am excited for it to come out. Cool Biggrin

Got questions, comments, suggestions about this topic, or my works? Be sure to respond through this forum thread, or personal message me. (PM).

I hope you are as excited as I am!

I'll keep ya updated!


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I did even more work just now, this park now has a train system, a new roller coaster (Screen shot provided). 

Have you EVER seen a Flying Turns coaster with a 7.93 excitement rating? Nope! I haven't! At a whopping 38MPH,
this is easily one of the fastest Flying Turns coasters there is. (I even thought it was going to crash going around a banked curve during testing. A BANKED CURVE!!!)

It's my newest creation, and WILL be in Build It! at some point. Only the screen shots for it will contain scenery because of the shear complexity of this coaster. And, if you DID use it, it would look mucho weird.

Total roller coasters so far: 4. (Most likely will be at least 15+ by the end of this entirety).
Total completedness, 53%.

This IS a WIP and will not be done for some time. 

If you have ANY questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas, please, do tell me about them!

That's all for now!

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Introducing..... Silver Arrow! An Inverted roller coaster!

I believe now the total coaster count is at 6!

What I've done, is added a log flume, Silver Arrow, a food court (Near Silver Arrow), and a couple other rides.

I nearly completely scrapped the idea for Racing Wooden Coasters, but, Silver Arrow took it's/their place. 

Don't fret, as the racing wooden coasters have been post-poned til' later in the park.

I am still quite a ways from being done. I now have at least 57% done.

And there is MUCH more to come.

Any suggestions, questions, comments about this topic? Be sure to respond to me here in this thread, or through a PM (personal message).

Anything you would like to see in Amaretto Gardens? Do the same as above.

Thanks! I am really excited guys! Biggrin
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When will your Parks with  be ready to download? and what ones will you be using all of the Amazing Earls Rides included  in your parks? Tim

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