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Not one of my creations, but one of my favorite RCT2 scenarios (Click to read)

I downloaded a scenario way back in 2006 called Blizzard Bluff. It is a great scenario for people who LOVE A CHALLENGE. Your objective is the largest in RCT2 to that date. You must have 5000 people in your park with a park rating that never drops below 700. It is a max size park with one large giga coaster that, according to the scenario description, cost the park almost all the money it had when it opened. There is no gate fee because money is no object.

I was wondering if I could still upload it even though it is not mine, and the original creator is no longer reachable, nor is the scenario no longer locatable online. I would believe that scenario players and RCT fans young and older would love it, even though the scenario is 14 years old.

Challenges include - Guest generation more difficult, arctic climate with rain but not snow, large park size, 2 entrances and of course the object limits (I have ran into the ride and shop limits once already).
I'm sure uploading it would be fine as long as you credited the original creator.
Team CoasterTech

(Feb 20, 2016, 09:50 AM)ChrisMDB Wrote: I'm sure uploading it would be fine as long as you credited the original creator.

Only problem is, even that is a mystery. He does not identify himself in game nor is there a readme file. I tried looking it up online in hopes of even finding out who it was Biggrin

I suppose I could ask over at RCT Space since they are still open, I wish RCT Station were still around. All that comes up online is mostly Crash Team Racing because BB is a course name.
In that case I'd simply add in the description that it isn't your work and that if the original creator is still active and wishes to identify themselves that's fine.
Team CoasterTech

ChrisMDB is too wise... I'll listen to him Biggrin
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Yeah, it should be fine...
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