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[WIP] Southwest Florida International Airport [RSW]

not sure if this is the right place but whatever

soooooooooooooooooo ive been really bored and havent had the motivation to do anything

i had an idea tonight of making an airport beacuse ive never seen anyone do it before - and i thought it would be something interesting and fun to do. so i decided to do the airport in ft. myers because its the closest major one to me (punta gorda/port charlotte doesnt count). anyways i havent done too much, just the runway and laying everything else out. the concrete is the layout of the rest of the airport and the main terminal area - its just a general idea of where im putting everything else. also i hope to actually finish this but i doubt it because im lazy with everything. 

tl;dr im making an airport

heres some pics - tell me what you think

[Image: 8hLrGvy.jpg][Image: IUXneE4.jpg][Image: PBZYCaH.jpg][Image: QCTWH88.jpg]
Interesting, this could go really well!
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Yeah, Amity in RCT2 is the closest thing to an airport
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got a little bit more work done - starting on the taxiways around the main runway. tell me what you think

[Image: ZTLCzob.jpg]
[Image: 3PfFcLa.jpg]
[Image: qLpSf0L.jpg]
 the ct is the general area of where the control tower will be and the t is the general layout of the terminal at this point

(Mar 26, 2016, 07:21 AM)Maverick360 Wrote: Interesting, this could go really well!
yeah it could if i can actually finish it
Quick question - I know you're recreating an airport but will it still have some rides in it (reminiscent of Amity) or will it just be the airfield?
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