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The Werdenfels Land Restarted

Welcome to the Werdenfels Land

[Image: 25082926zo.jpg]


The Werdenfels land is a fictional non-profit and commercial Park Project
The Park is Located in the Werdenfelser Land near garmisch-Partenkirchen.
Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a city located in the south of Germany in the State of Bavaria.
Garmisch-Partenkirchen sits at the foot of the Zugspitze, Germanys highest Mountain.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen was host City of the 1936 Winter Olympics and the 2011 FIS World Ski Championship. Every Year it is host to the New Years ski Jump as stop of 
the Four Hill Tournament and the Fis World Cup Race on the Kandahar. 

If you want more Information’s about Garmisch-Partenkirchen Just watch this Award winning Movie from Garmisch-Partenkirchen Touristic.


The Construction has started in the last days, and we will share the progress here with you.

Actually, some of you know it, this is the Second attempt.
On the 16th of September we had a fatal system crash with a total data loss, and even though we had all Game data and saved games backed up, we were only able to get about 5 to 10%of the Saved games back and running after we reset our systems.
After long consideration if we are willing to start all over again we have decided to do so. Mostly because we came to the conclusion that this is a big chance to improve on all the things that we have made “wrong”, or batter Let’s just say we were not happy with.
Also we want to take the realism to a whole new Level.

You can see everything about the construction of the first version on our Facebookpage, and when your dare, we would be happy for a Like.
And also you find us now on Tumblr and twitter
So we hope to have sparked you interested and that you will follow our progress, and we are happy and open for your feedback.
The Team of Werdenfels Land

The First Construction Pictures
There was already some work done in the last tow weeks.

[Image: 25082689zn.jpg]

[Image: 25082692rc.jpg]

[Image: 25082695um.jpg]

[Image: 25082696nk.jpg]

A temporary road was build that is needed to set up the residential containers for the construction worker and to do the set up of the site equipment.

[Image: 25082697xc.jpg]

[Image: 25082698rb.jpg]

[Image: 25082699yr.jpg]

Parallel to the road there where supply pipes layed, which will in the first state supply the residential containers.

[Image: 25082704qk.jpg]

And then in the last days the residential containers arrived and the set up of them has starlet.

[Image: 25082706de.jpg]

[Image: 25082707fg.jpg]

[Image: 25082709uh.jpg]

Also in the last days a lot of the construction machines have arrived and are now waiting to be put to work in the next days and weeks.

[Image: 25082712kv.jpg]

[Image: 25082713dx.jpg]
[url=https://www.facebook.com/500625279964915/photos/a.1279103598783742.1073741838.500625279964915/1279104118783690/?type=3&theater#][/url][Image: 25082717vu.jpg]

A few of them are already at work. In the last days we have started to dig the first of a total of 20 deep wells. This are needed on the one side for the future water supply of the Werdenfels Land but also for the ground water management, and how has followed the first Werdenfels Land attempt knows how imported that topic is.

At this deep Well are tow shafts. Number on is about to be poured out with concert, and the needed pipes are already on site.

You find the full Update with all Pictures on our Facebookpage

In the next tow weeks we will overwork and update our Youtube Channel, but you can already stop by and watch the Videos from the First Werdenfels Land Construction 


We hope you enjoyed this update and are looking forward to your Feedback

Your Werdenfels Land Team
Here our new update. We are making progress in setting up the home for the Construction crew and the sites.
[Image: 25102636sh.jpg]

[Image: 25102638jw.jpg]
Today the Set up residential Containers was completed. We hope that our Construction crew that will move in in the next days and weeks will feel home.

[Image: 25102640ba.jpg]

[Image: 25102642mf.jpg]
[Image: 25102650wy.jpg]

[Image: 25102655vo.jpg]

Also the storage Area for Building Materials and Parts was installed.

The First deliveries have arrived already, but there is so much more to come.


[Image: 25102660re.jpg]

[Image: 25102663kt.jpg] 

[Image: 25102665pf.jpg]

Finlay the real first construction has started. For the Monorail system , that will contact the Region and various parts of the Park with each other, the first work for the Footers where excavated and fitted with Rebar and are waiting now for their concrete.


We hope you enjoyed this update and are looking forward to your Feedback

Your Werdenfels Land Team
[Image: 25082926zo.jpg]

Since it is much work to do Post
in tow Forums with different Formats, 
we have decided to no longer run this topic

You can still follow us, on our facebookpage and in this Forum

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