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Nintendo Land

I'm building a Nintendo-themed park. I could use some suggestions and such. The park itself has yet to enter construction, but several of the rides have. Do note that only the tracks of the rides have been built. The scenery will come later.
[Image: cCnyfC.jpg]
Dragon Ascent(Hershey's Stormrunner)
This Rayquaza themed coaster breaks several world records, including tallest and faster coaster in the world, as well as being the only inverting Stratacoaster. I may end up adding to it so it gets longest and most inversions as well.
Excitement: 0.03 (unfortunately I couldn't get this higher without sacrificing world records)
Intensity: 22.27 (I'll make sure my guests have a high intensity preference)
Max speed: 153.73 mph
Ride time: 0:31
Ride length: 4048.30 ft
Drops: 7
Highest drop height: 794.84 feet
Inversions: 4
[Image: hEXuED.jpg]
Waluigi Spinball (Spinning Steel)
A spinning steal roller coaster themed after Luigi's nefarious rival. The name is a pun on Waluigi Pinball.
Excitement: 3.48
Intensity: 10.88
Max speed: 76.02 mph
Ride time: 1:11
Ride length: 2650. 52 ft
Drops: 6
Highest drop height: 170.15 ft
Inversions: 4

[Image: sujaQN.jpg]
Warp Pipe (Heartline Coaster)
This Super Mario themed coaster is a custom variant of the standard Ultratwister heartline built with a taller lift hill and initial drop.
Excitement: 3.84
Intensity: 8.28
Max speed: 70.11 mph
Duration: 0:52
Ride length: 1684.79 ft
Drops: 1
Drop height: 38.21 ft
Inversions: 7
[Image: 5ndCDB.jpg]
Epona's Journey(Steeple Chase)
One of two Steeplechase coasters left in the world, this one is taller, faster, and longer. With cars themed after Link's horse Epona, riders will feel like the legendary hero himself riding off to save the day on this exciting coaster.
Exitement: 5.43
Intensity: 6.58
Max speed: 62.16 mph
Duration: 1:05
Length: 1858.93 ft
Drops: 9
Highest drop: 124.56 ft

[Image: lLyrbQ.jpg]
Ashley's Brewery(Virginia Reel)
The Reel is back baby! The first Virginia Reel built in several decades, and the only one standing, Nintendo has decided to revive this classic coaster with a ride themed on the witch Ashley from the WarioWare series, with special witch cauldron themed cars, and a layout inspired by that of the historic Blackpool Pleasure Beach Reel, which was the final reel to be demolished. For the first time in over 40 years, one can again experience this old time ride.
Excitement: 6.10
Intensity: 8.55
Max speed: 49.74 mph
Ride time: 1:06
Ride length: 1863.15 ft
Drops: 8
Highest drop height: 52.18 ft
[Image: s6XUw1.jpg]
Mario Circuit(Go Karts)
Have your own real life Mario Kart races(sans items, for obvious reasons) on this track, themed on the classic video game icon himself! 
Excitement: 2.63
Intensity: 2.03
I had an idea on a Nintendo themed park but a couple of ride ideas I had required custom scenery that might or might not exist. That, and I wanted to do a Splatoon themed water park area but had no idea how I'd make that work. Good luck with your park though, I look forward to seeing the construction phases Smile
You have to do a Star Fox LIM Launch!!!
[Image: ZCL35lY.jpg]

I took your advice naveisawesome. It took me a while first to make the top hat short enough for the train to be able clear it at max launch speed(without using the David Braben cheat to up the launch speed), and then to make sure I had enough brakes and banked turns that it could have a decent excitement rating. It barely clears the top hat, and at low friction too, which makes me wonder why I'm even able to build it taller(didn't use the John Wardley cheat btw). The intensity is still pretty high, but not excessively so, and I like to make guests have high intensity preferences anyway. It'll need some decent theming and a color scheme change before its recognizable as a Star Fox ride, but I'm pretty satisfied with the layout.
[Image: YuBBGJ.jpg]
Star Fox Assault(Name not necessarily final) (LIM Launched Coaster)
A Star Foxed themed launch coaster where peeps ride in Arwing themed cars as they're launched into "space" at high speed and fly about the galaxy. 
Excitement: 7.65
Intensity: 9.79
Max speed: 93.61 mph
Duration: 0:47
Ride length: 2927.22 ft
Drops: 9
Highest drop: 248.67 ft
Inversions: 4

Btw, you guys should also check out the topic I made on Shy Guy's World about this: http://www.shyguysworld.com/index.php/to...551.0.html
[Image: ajWwme.jpg]
I managed to get Dragon Ascent a decent enough excitement and low enough intensity! Now peeps will actually ride it!

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