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Name that cheat

Yes you are right...400 points to Chimalion.
Next one...
Enables you can place wall pieces and other scenery items on the edge of path tiles.

Chimalion - 800 points.
Darknight97 - 400 points
naveisawesome - 400 points
ChrisMDB - 400 points
M Brookes I believe, used to be my favorite cheat code for RCT3 back in my no-CS days.
Team CoasterTech

You are correct ChrisMDB - 400 points for you.
What does this cheat do? Alistair Lindsay
Here are the current points....
Chimalion - 800 points.
ChrisMDB - 800points
Darknight97 - 400 points
naveisawesome - 400 points
Since Alistair Lindsey is the person (?) that helped make all of the in-game music it's fitting that this one changes the speed music plays at. It always bothered me that music doesn't default speed up or slow down depending on what speed is toggled.
Team CoasterTech

Sound effects I think can include music so I would say that answer is correct..
"Alters the speed at which some sound effects are played at pause, fast and fastest"
ChristMDB is in the lead with 1200 points.

Ready for the next question????

This Changes the inside of a tunnel from rubble to sharks on both sides, the ceiling and the floor

(These cheats are from RCT3 Soaked and Wild, v1a Beta Patch and the original RCT3. To give you more of a hint on where to find the cheats)
Rick Griffiths? I actually never tried this one before.
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(May 31, 2016, 04:35 PM)Darknight97 Wrote: Rick Griffiths? I actually never tried this one before.

You are correct...I believe you are at 800 points...if I'm wrong let me know... Smile

Ready guys for the next one? Maybe I'll make it 2 cause I think the first one will be easy...for 800 points...

This Increases your money by 1,000

What does John Wardley do?
John D Rockefeller gives you 1,000 bucks. Which isn't very generous, considering he was worth billions.

John Wardley eliminates coaster height restrictions.
[Image: 7sFmb4x.jpg]
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Terry Inferno you are correct - 800 points for you.
Here is where we stand (If I missed anyone or any points let me know)
ChrisMDB - 1200 points
Terry Inferno - 800 points
Darknight97 - 800 points
Chimalion - 800 points
naveisawesome - 400 points
Lets make this 3 - for 1200 points this round
ATITech What does it do?
What cheat makes everything Unbreakable (Buildings/Rides/Coasters do not break down any longer)?
Sam Denney What does it do?

We will do 2 more rounds after that we will see where we are and I will announce the winner and then give reputation points as the prize. I know there are more cheats but I think the rest of them will be really easy for people to get.
ATITech makes all the people move very quickly for 20 seconds.

Frontier makes rides unbreakable. Personally I would have gone with "Kimmy Schmidt" for this one, but RCT3 predates that reference by over a decade.

Sam Denney forces every guest to ride every coaster in the park.
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