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If you were to make a park, what rides would you have?

Alright, so I just wanted to try something new because I want to see what people would have to say about this. If you were to make a park with € 63,000,000 (That's about 70,000,000 US Dollars I think) set aside for rides what would you have?

Vekoma Boomerang
Cost: € 4,500,000
It would be a nice, low cost ride that would be a good time permitting attraction

Custom Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster
Cost: € 6,000,000
Good for the whole family, would probably have the longest line of any coaster

Terrain Gravity Group Woodie
Cost: € 8,000,000
A very good low cost ride that would be the best at the park

B&M Dive Coaster
Cost: € 13,500,000
I love dive coasters. I have been on Oblivion, Baron 1898 and Krake and they were all great rides. Besides a little bit of a boring end on all of them, I would save money and remove any end element and replace it with a splashdown.

Intamin Accelerator
Cost: € 18,000,000
Probably a smaller version of Top Thrill Dragster with an extra banked turn and a heartline roll

I would also set aside about € 2,500,000 for a kids area, and € 14,000,000 for thrill rides (Falcon's Fury Drop Tower, Mondial Top Scan, S&S Screamin' Swing, Flying Scooters)

What would you guys do?
Coasters = great! My home parks? I live about 40 minutes from Flamingo Land, about 50 minutes from Lightwater Valley, and about 2 hours from Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Intamin Drop Tower
Cost: $9 Million

Intamin Mega Coaster
Cost: $14 Million

Intamin Looping Coaster
Cost: $10 Million

Intamin Strata Coaster
Cost: $25 Million

Intamin Invert Coaster
Cost: $9 Million

Intamin Shoot The Chutes
Cost: $9 Million

All the rides would be down of course, but everyone would be visiting and I could make enough money for an Aquatrax!

The end
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Someone likes Intamin a lot... lol
Team CoasterTech

all vekoma boomerangs that are all painted white and/or rusting. also no scenery at all.

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