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Rank the RMC Coasters

Title pretty much explains it. In order, rank which ones you think are the best. I've only been on Goliath so I tried to put it in the middle

Here is my list:

1. Wildfire
2. Lightning Rod
3. Wicked Cyclone
4. Joker
5. Outlaw Run
6. Goliath
7. Medusa Steel Coaster
8. Twisted Colossus
9. Iron Rattler
10. New Texas Giant
11. Storm Chaser

And to drew_ if you see this, we all know how you feel about them. Just try at the most
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I'm on my way to Kolmården at the moment. I'm really looking forward to experiencing Wildfire, my first RMC! Biggrin

Edit: Wow, such a great roller coaster! My new favorite. Smile

[Image: WildfireKolmarden.jpg]

(Photo: coasterforce.com. - I had a rainy day today. Which made the experience even more fun. Wink )
[Image: ?url=i.imgur.com%2F2sDmsvu.png]

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