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Planet Coaster

I want to share some things with you guys regarding Planet Coaster. I know Justin was going to try and put a specific section up for it. I am hoping in the mean time it's okay to start making a thread for it here. I haven't seen anything yet, so I hope Justin won't mind me putting things here. Let's just use this section for Planet Coaster related topics...screenshots, updates, creations etc. If Justin decides he doesn't want this thread in this location, I'm sure he will let us know.

Planet Coaster is now in Alpha Stage 2 and it is incredible. I'm going to post some videos soon on what's new in the game. How many of you (out of curiosity) have Planet Coaster or thinking of getting it? The controls of the game have improved with Alpha 2 but still takes some time getting use to. They've added some SFX affects and a few different styles of Roller Coasters that you can make your own coasters out of. The coaster controls are better than Alpha 1 but still takes practice. The graphics in the game are amazing! Now that I have my new gaming laptop I can run the game much better. I want to share some of the basic stuff because I haven't really seen that on YouTube for beginners. I'm still learning so I could always use some tips, etc. The terriform tool is outstanding but you can't add water yet. Buildings, coasters, scenery and rides are what's available. You do have to build your own stations there are no automatic builds like in No Limits 2 or Theme Park Studio, etc. If you guys like commentary with the video, let me know or if you like it better with just the music with me showing some things.

The first video I'm doing is a quick over view of what is in Alpha 2. This does not have any commentary. It just goes through the different options showing you what is available. It is in real time so you can see how the game looks without it being in time lapse mode. Fast forward to 1:27 to skip the intro, etc.


[Image: 7kpaFZJ.jpg]
i have it but my laptop cant run it so gg
yeah i bought it and my graphics card crashes an resets (which closes the game) everytime it tries to load a park, im pissed
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I plan on preordering it (not the alpha version though - I'd rather spend $30). Shouldn't have any problems running this so I look forward to joining the community upon full release.
Team CoasterTech

Planet Coaster Alpha Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core i5-2300 2.8GHz or AMD FX-4300 3.8GHz
RAM: 8 GB System Memory
GPU RAM: 2 GB Graphics Memory
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 or AMD Radeon HD 7850

The start of my first roller coaster in Planet Coaster.
[Image: RGIZXTE.jpg]
Here is the start of the Queue Line...
[Image: PmPS4iT.jpg]

[Image: I7fG6tu.jpg]
[Image: rVTPRfS.jpg]
[Image: 4Z4ow1Y.jpg]

More updates (my RCTgo name is aecrouch7413 my YouTube name is aecrouch2016)
My first park in Planet Coaster, update - nighttime view, flat rides, tunnels, etc.

"Phase 1: Modular building and Paths
Phase 2: Adds Coaster Building and Landscape editing
Phase 3: Adds Community Functionality and Blueprints"
Planet Coaster Let's Play
So after starting a Let's Play Series, I accidentally deleted my file. If any one knows how to save the file from Planet Coaster my game file save, please let me know. So I am starting another park and here is one of the buildings. The park is called Glendale Amusement Park. I've done searches on YouTube and on the forum pages, but can't find anything. 
[Image: Q6v0Ztj.jpg]
Glendale Amusement Park - Front Entrance/Main Street Section More to come
[Image: RQdv6vD.jpg]

Back Side of buildings
[Image: vtnkjc0.jpg]

Glendale Amusement Park Update 1

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