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Ava Bess (Planet Coaster) New project

Here is the start of a new project I'm working on - Ava Bess a Planet Coaster Roller Coaster. (does anyone know how to record in Planet Coaster so the menu doesn't show up? See what I mean at 0:31 if you watch the video)
[Image: qdnwXU9.jpg]
I found while filming in Planet Coaster that if you pull the mouse pointer off of the camera menu the menu disappears like in RCT3. You can see how the menu disappears after I made the camera angle change. I chose to not trim out the camera changes at this time so that people who have not seen the camera controls could.
I'll try it next time I film, thanks. That's actually a good idea to let people see that. I think there are a few people who want to get the game. Any idea when Alpha 3 is coming out? Thanks for the tip.
(Jul 12, 2016, 03:55 PM)aecrouch7413 Wrote: Any idea when Alpha 3 is coming out? Thanks for the tip.
Current speculation in the Coaster Head Club is that we should see some form of announcement within the next week or so, if everything is on track. One hint we have so far is that "stuff" is coming down the pipes. Will it be water? We'll have to wait and see. There are water jets now in Alpha 2 along with fire, smoke, bubbles, & sparks.
The first layout was a trial and error. I will post another update when I've made a significant change and hopefully being closer to the finished project. Track color changes, landscape, scenery, station and more to be added. I'm not going to be posting so many project updates this time around.
I'll comment when it's in a more finished state.
Team CoasterTech

(Jul 12, 2016, 10:34 PM)ChrisMDB Wrote: I'll comment when it's in a more finished state.

Thanks. I'm already re-working a lot. I started to figure out how to do some of the banking around the curves too.  Smile
Ava Bess is getting a complete make over. I will be re-doing the coaster, I've learned a few things so the updated version will be improved. I'm also adding some scenery in front of the park, etc. Here is an update picture near the entrance.
[Image: LRzFVxY.jpg]

[Image: VrKmOF6.jpg]
Won't be posting updates for awhile.

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