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Cedar Point Trip Report

going to cidor poynte today will take pix n stuff and update throughout the day 8)

[Image: QruX9tp]
in line for maverick

[Image: Vj1tM2B]
valravn sucks
also thats my snapchat so rip

wew lads almost every ride has been broken down at some point today...

Not sure if you know this already, but your pictures didn't turn out. How did the rides go?
rip ill fix the pics and upload more

everything was fun it wasnt really busy but a lot of the rides were closed for some time
That's a bummer about the rides being closed for some time. What rides were you able to go on in addition to the one' s you mentioned?
I'll look for the pictures again with the next post. Smile
dont really remember the order but we hit maverick, magnum, millennium, power tower, maxair, raptor, gatekeeper, rougarou, mean streak
longest wait of the day was millennium and it was only like 80 minutes, best coaster is maverick of course

i didnt really take many pics but heres what i got

[Image: FQFj8Hx.jpg]

[Image: IQkV5r2.jpg]

[Image: PVOsiO7.jpg]

[Image: hb8qEx9.jpg]
one of my favorites

[Image: qfTVnqs.jpg]
one of the main coasters i wanted to ride and it had to break.... rip

[Image: XubsAsr.jpg]
valravn with snapchat lowkey in top left corner

[Image: K4adYYd.jpg]

[Image: yoaL4zN.jpg]
line on magnum

[Image: ZE7we90.jpg]

[Image: i9vRcUS.jpg]
cool shot of gatekeeper

[Image: J2PCml9.jpg]
last pic i took before my phone died so no night shots rip

thats about it really
Great pictures! Glad you're having a good time.
Wow, wish I was there!
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