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ImagineerTim's Lost Temple [RCT3]

[Image: dkrgo8nb.jpg]

[Image: 9F4I4G6.jpg]

be prepared for an "heaty-adventure..."

[Image: faWcLWf.jpg]
How in the world did you do this? It's incredible!
[Image: K1iIIa3.jpg]

[Image: 8lJuhcB.jpg]

[Image: R6U9q5i.jpg]

[Image: ZCKFAPc.jpg]
Amazing! It must have taken you awhile to do this. I hope when your project is finished you will have a final pov to show. But even without a pov, the pictures are fantastic!
Holy fk. Just....... There aren't any words! It is SO good! SOOOO good! I freakin' love it! Is it, however, finished yet?

This is why I am excited to get RCT3. Pure and simple. AMAZING job Tim!
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(Aug 17, 2016, 03:54 AM)BlazingEmpireHD Wrote: This is why I am excited to get RCT3. Pure and simple. AMAZING job Tim!

If you want to get RCT3, you should be ready to download a s*#t load of custom scenery to see others' projects or make your owns because that's what almost every RCT3 players do now. RCT3's original scenery and expansion packs's scenery are very limited, so players are prompted to download custom scenery to make their tracks better.

In my case, I prefer doing NCSO for now because I like to see what we can do with NCSO.
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Indeed Supra. I aleady knew I would have to download a fk ton as it stands, but to do this, it would take only so much more.

I'm willing to do that though.  Happy
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plz let me have the download i wil feature it in one of my videos
ImagineerTim's Lost Temple

Bones, apparently surrounded by ancient forces, were found near the entrance of the excavation site...

[Image: HqBvvc3.jpg]

[Image: IzLwDeg.jpg]

[Image: 9z8D52a.jpg]

Behind the site there is an elevator which takes you down to lower cave sections...what lies beneath?

[Image: nBUv98q.jpg]

Generators seem to work 24/7 to get the energy moving on...where are the jeeps?

[Image: z7KpzTr.jpg]

[Image: NrznZcF.jpg]
This is incredible. I wish you would do a tutorial on how you did this. Smile

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