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aecrouch7413 wip thread - Planet Coaster and RCT3 (ongoing projects)

This park will be a work in progress for awhile. This is the Guest Center 1 section where the peeps can use the atm, get information, purchase a gift or use the restroom. This is an original creation and it took some time to make, but I like the end result.
[Image: gFcOQ7f.jpg]

Guest Center 2
Peeps can get something to eat, use another restroom or get first aid assistance. I haven't been able to find a first aid sign, but I'll try and make something with all the pieces available, I should be able to do it. (The building with the poster of the guest is the first aid building.
[Image: NZr1YOA.jpg]
Just try a small white circle with a red cross in it, that should work nicely. This scenery that you've made looks much better than what I've seen in the past and I love the improvement, looking forward to seeing more work.

P.S. - I'm not inactive per say, I'm just in the background not doing much right now. For anyone here considering Architecture School it's loads of fun, but many more loads of work lol.
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Thanks for the suggestion...this is what I was able to come up with so far...perhaps later on I will try and detail it more.
[Image: ByoOr0p.jpg]

[Image: itHJbu0.jpg]
This is a test of the wing roller coaster I made. I will show a day video another time. More scenery will be added. And tweaks will probably be made.
[Image: 8QGRbSG.jpg]
Here is where I am for the station build so far...I have a lot more to do...

[Image: vDUJM9K.jpg]
I love the details you have put into this so far. The station is looking great so far and I am looking forward to seeing more. As far as the theme, are you going for a medieval type area? I see the dragon in the background! Smile
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Thank you. I'm not sure of the theme yet, but that would probably be the kind of look I'm going for with some things in the park. I've actually revised the wing coaster, and I'm much happier with the over all look and feel of it. It's also allowing me to do more theming around the coaster. (The station is the same, but I'm adding to it)
I should have more updates possibly by the end of the month. I appreciate the feedback.     Smile

fyi: As you can probably tell I love this game. For an Alpha 3 version it's incredible. I can't wait for the full release of the game.

I've added more to the coaster area and other scenery around the park...Here is where I'm at so far. Please keep in mind I have a lot more detailing to do...Trees, bushes, etc.

[Image: cvm4ot8.jpg]
Looks great so far, Amy! Keep it up! Do ya have a name, yet?
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Thanks and no I don't have a name for it yet.
This area is kind of near the exit from the roller coaster so they can rest and the archway is an entrance to a flat ride.  I should note: from the last video test of the wing coaster I've done some editing to it. This will allow me to do more scenery for what I'm thinking of doing. I added a brake run and some other stuff along the way. I won't be showing another video for awhile. With the roller coaster videos do you like to here the sound of the coaster and the peeps reacting to it? Or when I'm finished with the project do you think I should add music? Can you suggest some music styles? Thanks in advance. Cool
[Image: FLyhC5K.jpg]

I've started adding in bushes, trees etc. I made this building over the queue line and added some things in the building. I'll try and get another picture of the inside later. But here is the outside part. Do I have too many lights? Note: When the park is finished (not any time soon) It will be uploaded to Steam and I'll share a link to it. Or I'll try and get it on this site, but it is a big file.
[Image: QepHY0Y.jpg]
So the good news is the peeps liked the roller coaster a lot, but as more peeps came in I realized the common areas were getting really crowded. The layout needs to be changed a little bit. But I saved back ups of earlier versions of my project. I hope when I put the files where they need to go it will work. If not I will have to start over. I remember how to make the buildings I created and some of them I saved as a blueprint. I did that with the roller coaster too. I'm learning a lot and found a lot of tricks, tips from the videos that many of you are sharing with your projects using Planet Coaster. So thank you for doing that. I would say more updates in a few days with screenshots. (I learned a trick from Sdanwolf how to keep the peeps coming in to your park while your building. But that wasn't until after I started building, putting shops, etc. I hope in the future we will be able to control when to open and close the park, the day and night cycle. I am really hoping for a waterfall feature. It's been a fun project and a good learning experience. I can't wait for the next update with this game. (happy)On a side note....my new gaming computer has been handling it pretty good. (Bad storms today, hoping I won't lose power, looking forward to playing the game and getting lots of work done. It's 7:15 am and it looks almost dark out. Wish I could get video to share. All well.)

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