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Project Update Park and Roller Coaster - Planet Coaster Alpha 3

I am attempting to build a wing coaster simply named Wing Rider. This is the very beginning and much more will be done. I always test the roller coaster when I'm building it too make sure it works before I finish the coaster. That way, I won't do all that work for nothing. And, it's fun watching the roller coaster in action while you are building. When finished, I will show a version of the coaster not in time lapse. As I was building in real time, I adjusted the height(s) so the cars wouldn't move so fast. I wanted to show you some of the different inversions in the beginning so that is why I kept on changes some of the stuff around. Once you learn how to move with the coaster controls you will have so much more fun with the game. This roller coaster build is something I would find fun to ride.
Building The Station - Part 1
This video is a continuation of the last one. I finished the coaster build and now I'm starting the station building. This is a shorter video, but I will be showing more of the station build in another continued episode.
Planet Coaster Alpha 3 Next update of the game will be released in November - Thrillseeker.
A continuation of the coaster build: Wing Rider. I am continuing the station build and adding details to the building. I've started to layout some of the path work as well. But revisions will probably be done later on
Continuation of Wing Rider Station Build
It looks great, subscribed to you, hope to see more in the future
[Image: ZCL35lY.jpg]

(Sep 29, 2016, 12:54 AM)naveisawesome Wrote: It looks great, subscribed to you, hope to see more in the future

Thanks for the comment regarding the coaster and subscribing. I've had some time this week to make some videos and I've been having fun doing so.  Smile But some of them take a little longer to process.

Wing Rider: Station Build Part 3

[Image: KFQa9RP.jpg]

Wing Rider Test Run 2
I wanted to give you an updated version of Wing Rider. This is in real time. Please keep in mind I have a lot more work to do. More details on the station, adding trees, bushes more scenery, etc. Thank you for watching.
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"Curtains are Always Drawn by Kai Engel"
I've started to add trees and more detail to the station. Here is where I'm at.

[Image: Cwajrr3.jpg]

I originally had a video here, but I got a message from YouTube I had copyright issue. I was not aware of this so I had to take the video down. It was not done intentionally. I'm not sure what it was, it may have been related to the music selection. I always give credit to the author of the music. But just a friendly reminder to double check copyright on music even if it is at Free Music Archive. All the other videos are okay.
[Image: zwA5exc.jpg]

Here is an updated night shot. I'm planning on adding some lighting effects around certain areas of the coaster. The archway is a path towards the pond where peeps can rest and enjoy the view. Coaster King added some more light and at the same time added more decoration to the park.
[Image: V8lNgRB.jpg]

I've done a lot of changes since my last video update of the park I'm working on. I've edited the coaster, done some more landscaping and finished the station. I'm thinking of a new name for the park and for the Roller Coaster itself. So if you have any suggestions please leave it the comment section. If I decide to use your suggestion I will give you credit at the end of the final video for the project.
Wow Amy! You're doing a great job! I'd also like to say that your commentary was excellent and your speaking voice the same. If you're not sure you should do more commentary videos, DO IT!

I'' excited to see the final product Amy!
Resuming regularly scheduled programming!
Thanks I appreciate it. For those who may not be able to watch the video...here is an updated day time screenshot.
[Image: Xq8nL6i.jpg]


Planet Coaster Alpha 3: Real Time Game Play (adding more scenery and lighting)
[Image: dUVHHrm.jpg]

Some of the video quality wasn't so great after using a YouTube feature so I deleted the video. I will do an updated video in a few days with commentary.
Project update park and roller coaster. More scenery added. A test ride with a cinematic view and a POV.

[Image: 2LH6ooy.jpg]
I started working on the entrance section of the roller coaster and adding trees, bushes, etc. Here is the latest screenshot. Please note, the blue sign with the gold trim would be where the name of the ride would go. I hope in the future we'll be able to add text to the signs.

[Image: DljAUp9.jpg]
Court Yard Area - Much more detail will be added...not sure if I'm going to keep the path work that way or not. But, the peeps can actually walk on it. I learned a trick on how to do this.  Smile (Restrooms, First Aid, Gift Shops, Food and Drinks).
[Image: xVZbbeR.jpg]

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