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Planet Coaster Beta Thrillseeker (and my Projects thread, etc.)

Hi guys,
Planet Coaster Beta, Thrillseeker went live today around 9:30 am central standard time (cst). I will be posting screenshots, videos, etc in this thread. I don't want to make any more threads and crowd up the forum. Justin, if you want me to do something different please let me know. Thanks.

Avatar and Sandbox
I started building a park. This is the start of the Guest entrance area. More to add and more to come.
[Image: fiLcm8N.jpg]


Planet Coaster Beta: Thrillseeker Building and a few tips to share.
Once again, Amy, impeccable work so far! I'll be excited waiting for more works and updates from you! Keep it up!
Resuming regularly scheduled programming!
Thanks. More updates tomorrow.

Gameplay options: Adjusting volume, camera movement, graphic settings

Coaster Crashes and Special Effects
A lot of people are asking me about what kind of computer I'm using to play Planet Coaster on. Here is my computer info (note: if you are looking to get a new computer, it's always a good idea to call a computer company. This way, you will be able to get the computer that meets your needs). I have extra memory for my graphics (4GB) and video card. I do have the latest Nividia GeForce GTX graphics card.
[Image: geel4tS.jpg]
Pro-tip, if you want a computer strictly for gaming it's always better to build your own rather than buy one (it's generally cheaper and more powerful than one you buy from a store).
Team CoasterTech

(Nov 12, 2016, 09:13 AM)ChrisMDB Wrote: Pro-tip, if you want a computer strictly for gaming it's always better to build your own rather than buy one (it's generally cheaper and more powerful than one you buy from a store).

Thanks for the tip. Just a little side note. When I got my laptop I was able to customize it a little bit to make sure it was what I wanted and needed. I don't want to double post so here is the latest on my project. (the other project got accidentally deleted so I had to start over. I made a back up file and saved it to my flash drive)

[Image: CHIDZW6.jpg]

[Image: LGI9Uey.jpg]
Nice work Amy, looks like you have the modular building in PC down pat. I haven't had a chance to go in and tinker with PC yet, although I have downloaded it.
Team CoasterTech

Thanks Chris...Modular Building? Maybe I'm confused. But I did make all of these buildings so they are originals. It did take me a little while to get use to the controls for building things in PC. But with Alpha and Beta it got easier. It's a great program and when you start you will find there are so many things you can do with the game. Please share your work when you have something.  Smile
The type of building used in the RCT franchise and in PC (and just about every sandbox building game ever honestly) is referred to as modular building. I messed around with the game a little during the Thrillseeker Alpha/Beta but between school and me being sick I just haven't had time to play with the full game yet. Once I get my hands on it (with Thanksgiving Break coming up in eight days I should *crosses fingers* hopefully have time) I'll definitely be sure to share my work.

PC's modular building does definitely have its own learning curve, but after about a half hour in the alpha/beta I was able to get a decent looking building done so hopefully the same will apply to the full game.
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