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Planet Coaster - First Woody!

Hello all! I have recently gotten into playing Planet Coaster. I haven't had much experience with it yet but got around to making my first coaster. I need some help with a name so if you have any suggestions!

Not sure about a name, but if you plan to enter it in Build-It! you should add scenery before you do so, otherwise it probably won't stand a chance.
Team CoasterTech

constructive, thanks for your advice.
It looks like it's located somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. I would suggest giving it a Native American name, preferably one specific to the region.

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This is a good 1st wooden coaster. If you were going to enter this into the Build it Competition there are a few things I would add and show more of. Do you have a coaster station? If you do people would probably want to see that. You can make a simple coaster station and add extra scenery items like lighting, signs, props, etc. In areas of your coaster there are certain spots a small pond would look great with some water effects (fountain splash, etc). If you are going to use the Planet Coaster song, it's always a good idea to give them credit at the end of the video and post it on your YouTube page. Then you shouldn't have any issues with copyright. If you have a queue line, I would show that and how the people are reacting. You don't have to do a fancy queue, small things can make a big difference. These are just some suggestions. Your coaster was smooth, fun and something I would go on. I also liked the way you filmed the coaster. Smile

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