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Competition - Planet Coaster and updates coming new update


"Updates and “A Huge Thank You” competition
Quote:Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all enjoying Planet Coaster, we have a couple of cool announcements for you!

Firstly, tomorrow (Thursday) we have a new update ready which includes bug fixes, further optimisations, inclusion of new blueprints, and an exciting new ‘Harder’ challenge mode where you’ll have to be even more creative and innovative to keep your park running smoothly. We’re excited to see how well you will fare in this new challenge!

Secondly, we have set up an all-new competition. To celebrate Thanksgiving we’re giving thanks to our amazing community who have given us so much support. Think you can finish all Scenarios with three stars? Well, you now have even more incentive to do so: we are giving away THREE HIGH-END GAMING PCs at the end of this amazing competition! 

Starting now, you have 14 days to gather as many Scenario stars as possible. Every star you get will then earn you ONE entry for the sweepstake in which we’ll give away these awesome prizes – so if you get 14 stars, you’ll get 14 entries; simple! 

All you have to do to make sure you enter the sweepstake, is fill out this [color=rgba(230, 230, 230, 0.870588)]Google Form[/color] with your name, your email address, and your Steam ID. Your Steam ID is needed so that we can generate the amount of stars/entries you’ve earned when the competition draws to a close. You can find your Steam ID by going to your Steam profile page on the website or Steam client, and copy the long number sequence in the URL. Alternatively you can visit [color=rgba(230, 230, 230, 0.870588)]https://steamrep.com/[/color] and follow the instructions there. Please note this is NOT your username. 

This special Thanksgiving competition will end on December 7, 2016, at 10AM GMT. We will then verify the number of stars on all valid entries and this will be the number of sweepstake entries for that person. You won’t need to tell us in how many stars you’ve gained or wait till the end of the competition. Simply register on the form now and we will find your number of stars at the closing date. After that, we will announce the three lucky winners!

So what are you waiting for? Simply register on the form, get yourselves into Planet Coaster, and start collecting those stars! They could earn you a fantastic prize! 

Terms and Conditions

• The competition will end on December 7, 2016 at 10AM GMT.
• At this time, Frontier will check all valid participants and assign a number of entries into the sweepstake for each participant based on the number of stars accumulated from Career mode.
• Three winners will be picked and each participant can only win one prize.
• The prize will be a Personal Computer or store vouchers to be redeemed at a retailer to the value of £2,000. If retail or store vouchers are offered, the choice of retailer will be decided on by Frontier Developments.
• Frontier staff are not eligible to enter this competition.
• Stars and achievements gained before the competition start date are also valid.
• Only people who submit their Steam ID correctly on the form will be entered into the competition.
• You may only enter the competition once per Steam ID.
• Winners will be drawn via a sweepstake on December 7, 2016. 
• Winners will be contacted via the contact email submitted on the entry form.
• Winners will be required to respond back within 7 days of the email being sent, otherwise they will forfeit the prize and a new winner will be selected.
• Frontier Developments reserve the right to remove any entry or winner from the competition, at their sole discretion, should they deem the entry to be invalid for any reason. This includes (but is not limited to) cheating, breach of competition rules, or misuse of the competition mechanics."

If you were not aware of this like I was, there are 3 levels in Pirate Battle you have to reach. Then you will get the 9 stars and it will unlock the next scenario or level. Here is a video that I made that explains a little more. I'm mentioning to this because you'll need to get as many stars as you can get from my understanding and then enter the competition. If I'm wrong let me know. Thanks.

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