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RCTgo needs your help

It's no secret that RCTgo has been bombarded with spam the past few weeks. While I am continuing to work on an effective way to block the spammers from even accessing the site, in the meantime, the spam needs to be cleaned up as it comes in. We've also seen a decline in activity over the past several months despite more theme park games entering the market.

For both of these reasons, I am now looking for moderators to join the RCTgo team to both help fight spam as well as encourage additional activity on the forums.

If you are interested in become a moderator, please send me a private message stating why you believe you would be fit to be a moderator. Please understand that not every person who applies will be selected to be a moderator.

Not sure if moderators will help activity pick back up on the forums, but I'm glad to see you trying to solve the spam issue. I hope all goes well, best of luck to the applicants.
Team CoasterTech

Anything we can do to help the site, we will do
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Little activity from me during this time of the year is no surprise due to me being in College.
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