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Please welcome our new moderators!

I'm pleased to announce that Terry Inferno and ChrisMDB have joined RCTgo as moderators! Both have been long-time active members of RCTgo and I'm excited to have them on-board to help keep RCTgo running in tip-top shape.

Please join me in welcoming them to the RCTgo team! Smile

Thanks for the welcome as a moderator Justin!

I'll certainly try to do my best to be a good moderator here on the site for everyone, I'm not online 24/7 but I try to get on at least once a day (hopefully between the three of us those spammers will be somewhat non-existent from here on out).

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!
And a seventh rounds out the series. RCT 1, 2, and 3 complete, PC squared away, now for Parkitect and more 3D builds.

Ah well, I would have loved to help. Congratulations, Terry and Chris! You both deserve it!
You are not blind; I have indeed changed my avatar to something that is not dragon related!

Five Build It! wins, and many featured downloads! 

Creating cunningly crafted scenarios for you to enjoy! Smile
Current Projects: Redlynch Heights - (Megapark) - Frontier Forest (Scenario Play)

Add me on any of these sites!
Facebook: BlazingEmpire HD
Discord: BlazingEmpireHD#6064
Our red is a perfect complement to Justin's green during the holiday season.

Thank you for the welcome!
[Image: 7sFmb4x.jpg]
¡Viva Mexico!
Congratulations Chris and Terry.
Would rather be riding Roller Coasters


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