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Scorpions Whip - POV - Planet Coaster

This was part of the community park build - desert theme I participated in. I uploaded as a video here on this site, but I haven't seen it up yet. So I thought I would post the  link. Note: I added the Forge flat, Scorpions Whip Wooden Coaster and some of the scenery in the area you will see. The other coasters in the background, etc were done by other people participating in the park build. If you want to know how you can participate in these send me a private message. If you have any issues watching please let me know.


Here is where you can download the park file (community park file)
I thoroughly enjoyed this coaster, and while it may look barren, it is very fun!

Great job, as always!
Resuming regularly scheduled programming!
I like the station design !
Well everything is good !
Good job!
Update on Western Funland - added a cooling section area for the peeps. Added more scenery and other details to the area. They don't have fans yet in Planet Coaster so I used the air conditioner unit.
[Image: OrLYv1E.jpg]
[Image: FQJkJ4z.jpg]

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I put the pictures for the Western Funland update in the wrong post. oops. Had a hard time deleting it.

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