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Planet Coaster: What I Like To See in Possible Future Expansion Packs

It's been quite some time since I posted on these forums. I've been playing Planet Coaster for a while now, and I have some suggestions for the game.

1. I would like there to be more choices for coaster cars for all of the game's roller coasters, such as The American Arrow. There could be cars for roller coasters that match themes such as the pirate and sci-fi themes.

2. I would also like more coaster choices, such as the sit-down twister coaster. It would also be nice if you could get all of the other roller coasters that were featured in the first three Roller Coaster Tycoon games along with their expansion packs, and put them in future Planet Coaster expansion packs.

3. It would also be sweet if we can make a water park in our game like in RCT3: Soaked!, and maybe we could have a zoo as well like in RCT3: Wild!

4. It would also be pretty cool if we could build vertical loops on the wooden coaster, as the first three RCT games allowed you to do that. We do have the RMC coasters, but the Son of Beast was pretty cool for the time before it was demolished.

5. It would also be cool if you could let us create our own coaster types and thrill rides, such as how we could make CTRs and custom rides for RCT3.

6. Make it easier to build underground with tracks, paths and buildings. From what I heard, the current version of this game would have you use the terrain tools to make a hole for you to build stuff underground, but that's quite too difficult. The original RCT games made it pretty easy to build underground as the terrain was easy to work with to build underground.

What do you guys think of these suggestions? I even posted about this on the official Planet Coaster Steam discussion board, so hopefully they'll take my suggestions. I'll post more suggestions if I think of any more.
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Welcome back!

A couple other points I'd like to add

7. there are certain types of roofs, walls, etc that have less pieces than the other sets, not sure why, but I know there are some that don't have more than 4 meter tall ones, and some that don't have peaked roofs, it would be nice to have these options available for all types off roofs and walls

8. Foliage wise, there's really not much small stuff, there's a few bushes, but they need hedges, and also more flowers, there's barely any, and they arent very customizable. This makes for a really hard time when trying to make gardens. Also, balconies that already have flowers on them would be appreicated

9. I was going to say waterpark, but you got that, so I'll say bring back the firework creator, that was great in RCT3

10. Also more foliage talk, the wall climbers are kind of annoying to use, they start out horizontally so you have to use the advanced mover to rotate them vertically, and even after that they're completely flat, so its hard to make realistic looking ivy and vines

11. More food options please? honestly there's not a lot, we need at least RCT2 levels of food/drink options here, if we're going to be building full parks, and perhaps the return of the custom stall? Also, the ones they do have, arent really that clear on what they sell from a glance

12. Randomizing special effects, cause whenever quit and then resume again, all your effects that arent triggered are synchronized, and its annoying when the coaster goes through them decently fast, it would be nice to have surprise during that, although keep the option to sync them just in case that's what people want
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As for scenery the only real addition I see us needing at the moment is Halloween/"spooky" themed objects, honestly though you can make any other CSO's you'd want with the pieces we have - such as balconies with flower boxes. As for hedges, just use the advanced move tool to meld bushes together. I know it's more time consuming but it's also much better as you get the exact look you want (and you can just copy and past the hedge around once it's made anyway).

More coaster types as well as custom CTR's and CFR's would be nice, although I expect both to come to fruition eventually. If you give modders enough time they'll always find a way to make their mods work/develop them.

Pools and Zoos would be nice I guess... I never really utilized them much in RCT3 mostly because they weren't that great, generic wildlife in your park would be a nice addition though (fish in ponds, lakes, etc., birds).

Food options would be nice, especially with the level of management available to us with each shop.
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