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PC Park Entrance - Community Park Build

I'm participating in another Community Park Build
EXTreme #PlanetCoaster Medieval Park Update 2 - Entrance 1 Still more detailing on the building needed.
I get to start the entrance, entrance area. Make a Roller Coaster and add 1 flat ride. 3 days to get it done. Then the next person takes over. If you want to participate pm and I'll give you the info.
[Image: KcI5UlY.jpg]
[Image: P7EBvka.jpg]
Already liking it! Great start!
Resuming regularly scheduled programming!
(Feb 3, 2017, 03:12 AM)BlazingEmpireHD Wrote: Already liking it! Great start!

Thanks Blaze it's been fun to work on.

[Image: yOYJRL6.jpg]

[Image: tKPzaM5.jpg]
love this entrance!!!
Thank you...I'm starting to theme the ride....
[Image: rcOoC7j.jpg]
The guests are the villagers, but what's in the cave? Come and ride and explore if you dare. - This is the start of the themed dragon ride in the Medieval Community Park Build. Now comes the task of theming the coaster. A lot of you guys have come up with great suggestions for the name of the coaster. When I'm done with the project I'll let you know the name I chose and you will get credit. Thank you for your help with this. I will be adding lighting but this is where the ride goes back into the station. Note: suggestions are still being taken for the name of the ride.

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