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ChrisMDB's Official Planet Coaster Blueprint Thread

Since I've made a few by now, I figured I'd make a place to document them on RCTgo. I'll also upload all those that I've made thus far and continue to upload new ones as they're made.

Coaster Net:



Just a coaster net, we wouldn't want objects falling from the coasters down onto guests now!

Picnic Table:



Since there aren't any available in game yet, I decided to make a custom one.

New Republic V-Wing Airspeeder (Star Wars Legends)



Not practical, nor something most people know exists, but I was bored and it turned out half-decent, so here we are.

Feel free to make requests for things we don't have in game at the moment, I'll certainly try my best to make it or find a good one on the workshop!
Team CoasterTech

Small update:

Galactic Republic BTL-B Starfighter/Bomber:



Much like the V-Wing it isn't practical, but some Star Wars fan out there may like it.
Team CoasterTech


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