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[RCT2 / RCT CLASSIC] Snow Mini Golf

G'day all, 

This is my first contribution to these forums. It's a Mini Golf creation. I could only find a couple in the downloads area, so I figured I'd try my hand at creating one. 

It's based on a snow theme. I was in the middle of Icicle Worlds when I built it. Also created in RCT Classic. 

Excitement Rating - - 4.0
Intensity Rating - - 0.9
Nausea Rating - - 0.0
Space Required - - 10 x 10 Blocks
Holes - - 12
Ride Length - - 612m


Let me know what you think please. I was also thinking about cutting out the paths as I only included them be a use I had the snowball fountains on them but the file doesn't pick them up.

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I like how it is all enclosed! Also nice job on the theming! Good Point though, there are not a lot of Mini Golf Creations, at least that i've seen.

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