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RCTgo is now on Discord

RCTgo now has an official Discord server! Feel free to stop in and join the discussion about the games, each other's creations, and more.

You can join here: Join RCTgo on Discord

There's also a link to join the server from the RCTgo forums home page.
I'm so happy for this new Discord server. I was hoping something like this would arise as we really do not have enough means to chat back and forth - Discord is the perfect chatting app to do so.
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I am Elizabeth2017 on Discord. Not really sure how it works or if you need a mic. Does it have a chat you can use instead?
A mic is necessary for the voice chat, but not for the regular chat. Most discussions take place in the regular chat, which is entirely text-based.
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As Terry said, no need for a mic, unless you want to voice chat with anyone else on Discord. Give it some time and you'll be right in shape in the RCTgo discord. Smile
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I'm not familiar with Discord. What exactly is is?
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Discord is a gamer-game centered app that is used as a chatting app for various games, a game a server, just a random server, or even one on one chat with other random folks from around the world.

This is a free app that can go on practically any device, and you get to voice chat, text, and video chat (coming soon) among several other things you can do. You can host your own server (like I do, with two), join any and every server you want, and even join your dream game's discord channels.

This is one of the very safest and best apps you can ever get for chatting, so I do highly recommend it. Especially now that RCTgo now has a discord channel.

I hope I was a help!

P.S: This makes 700 posts on this forum. I am sure making my way up the chain!
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Another wonderful community comes to Discord. See you all there. <3
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If you're still not convinced, try it out anyways, at least you'll have a Discord group to go to.

I am quite happy that we have one now, and I am excited to see you all there!
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I'm sorry but I have very little interest in joining something I'm not familiar with. If RCTgo had Google+ now that's a different story but I'm not familiar with discord and have no intrest in having to download an extra app just to chat about RCT3.

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