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My Past Work

So I suppose for those that don't know me all that well, I should show some of my past work. Beyond Merlin's Odyssey, I've got almost nothing to show for where I stand as far as skill goes. It has been received fairly well by this community, but since it pretty much tied for second in the Build It round I entered, that's not saying much. 

I'll try to show some screenshots of my gradual progress as an RCT2 player, giving my 100% effort in all of them (OpenRCT2 to be exact). These all involve the specific theme of 'Italy', which I slowly tried to grasp with more and more focus with each attempt. I recommend zooming into each of these so you can see everything at the perfect pixel scale factor. 

This is my first venture into full-on custom scenery building, created almost a year ago, which started as an excuse to just build buildings, not necessarily theme-park related. This is probably where I'd point my love for non-parks comes from. 

Several months after that, in this year's January I tried a more focused attempt at creating something more coherent and composed, though being in a Multiplayer setting, there are some obvious limitations I forced upon myself, like a clear boundary of what is my work, and what isn't. 

In March, I tried a third attempt at the same concept, but coming at it from another angle. This was in a Multiplayer setting as well, so the same point I explained above holds here as well.  

In April, I tried to start an entire recreation of Assassin's Creed II's Venice. Certainly my first direct venture into non-parks, and it isn't even all that old. Oblivious of the object limit present in the game at that time, I continued to build until I found myself hit a metaphorical wall when I lost access to the game. I don't consider this an improvement over the past work, as far as aesthetics are concerned, but it's worth mentioning, I guess.

And here we are, my last bit of work I'd say was a 100% effort. Built in May, this is not necessarily something that has to do with 'Italy' as a theme, but I find it worth mentioning because it is the most recent work I've ever shown online. This undermines the larger scale of the last thing I worked on, the Venice recreation, but in what it lost with scale, I feel it gained in every other aspect. 

This should show where I currently stand as far as RCT2 park making goes. Well, I suppose I must thank you for reading this short 'mini-portfolio' of my work so far, I hope it was enjoyable to go through. Any comments appreciated, as well as encouraged. Smile
Currently working on a fictional Italian non-park. Expected release date: Soon™

[Image: QLvoQOM.png]
I'd say all of this could be considered top-tier scenery work in RCT2.
Team CoasterTech

About time. Even though I have had first hand experience to these creations, not one of them remains uninspired or boring, bland or drab. Each and every one of these screens has a purpose behind it. Whether it is your obsession with Venice related areas, or your pure wants to try something new on an OpenRCT2 community, you have yet to keep me from coming back for more, itching, wondering and waiting for when your next screen is to come out.

As it currently is, you are definitely the best RCT2 creator on RCTgo. That is amazing, considering that you're against Terry Inferno, and SupraTheHedgehog, brilliant creators and well deserved winners of their respective Build It! competitions.

You though, even though you're a novice at this site, you are certainly far from it on the RCT2 scale of things. I am so glad you gave into my and Terry's heedance to join and become active. Keep it up, and you'll receive insta-fame here, if you have not already.
Resuming regularly scheduled programming!

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