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[RCT2] Monterosso

Hi all, my first project I'll be posting on RCTgo. Monterosso is an Italian town near the beach. It's relieved in a nature reserve called 'Sinque Terre', which is an area formed by five unique towns, on which Monterosso is the first one. I've already made the following three screens:

[Image: 4219.png]

[Image: 4224.png]

[Image: 11bhoyh.jpg]
Though I have seen this project at other places, I am so glad to see it here. This only compounds that RCT2 is beginning to take a toll on this site with devilishly good players, like yourself.

I am so far, very excited to see what comes of this project! Good luck!
Resuming regularly scheduled programming!
The cruise ship looks a bit wide for how long it is.
Team CoasterTech

The first screen shows genuine appreciation for Italian architecture. Perhaps needs a bit more life in there with some smoking chimneys, creeper vines riding along walls and perhaps flower baskets on some windows, and more colours in general, particularly for the buildings themselves. This could work for a northern Italian town in the countryside, maybe, but I'm looking at Monterosso on Google Images and it seems to be a very lively, colourful, tropical paradise. The architecture itself is really polished, though.

The rock work in the third screen is just marvellous and the ship itself is just brimming with details. By now you've probably heard enough people say it is too wide for its length, so won't touch on that, though I do pretty much agree. The beach looks very happening too, but I'd worry about that one shark if I were a peep. Overall, I'm definitely looking very much forward to this one! Please do show more as things roll out.

PS: Non-parks FTW!
Currently working on a fictional Italian non-park. Expected release date: Soon™

[Image: QLvoQOM.png]
Thanks for the comments! I agree about the thickness of the boat but it's very hard to change. It takes a very long time to make this so I don't think I have the motivation for it.

P.S. Italian non-parks dubble-FTW   Tongue
It looks great! You make RCT2 look like a different game but in a positive way.
[Image: ?url=i.imgur.com%2F2sDmsvu.png]
MK98 Wrote:It's relieved in a nature reserve called 'Sinque Terre', which is an area formed by five unique towns

*Cinque Terre

Everything looks nice and realistic, especially the beach scene in the second screenshot. The transformation between the two types of sand is one of the subtle details that make that screenshot look especially realistic. It's also a bold choice to use half wood planks as both stairs and chairs in the same image, and the execution was definitely successful. The buildings in the first screenshot are also clearly Italian.
[Image: 7sFmb4x.jpg]
¡Viva Mexico!
Wow Donald not bad at all. Something like that looks like it would be hard to pull off in regular rct2

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