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Unpopular Coaster Opinions

Hey guys, I saw this thread in a couple of other forums so I wanted to bring it here. What unpopular/insane opinions do you have about roller coasters/theme parks/manufacturers/etc.?

Here's mine:
- Outlaw Run is terrible.
- Banshee is terrible.
- Rougarou is terrible.
- Patriot is the 2nd best B&M invert (after Raptor)
- Millennium Force is overrated, as is Maverick.
- Cedar Point is underwhelming.
- Six Flags is better than Cedar Fair.
- Great Escape is actually a good park.
- Disney World needs to demolish EPCOT.
- Disney World needs to finish Hollywood Studios, because it's empty and boring.
- Roller Coaster at NY, NY is actually okay.
- I like Vekoma Boomerangs okay.
- Blue Fire Megacoaster is amazing, the best roller coaster around and very underrated. 
- I like Vekoma and Arrow loopers. 
(okay, kidding on that last one)
What are some of yours?
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I'll bite.

-I really disliked Afterburn at Carowinds. It was rough to me.
-On the contrary, Raptor, at Cedar Point is my favourite invert.
-The Hurler (Carowinds) is a really great and smooth ride.
-Fury 325 was my fourth favourite coaster at Carowinds.
-Nighthawk was buttery smooth and is my alltime favourite coaster.
-InvadR is a decent wooden coaster
-Rougarou is awesome, what're you talking about, Slurp?
-Also on the contrary, I disliked Maverick a little bit because I also thought it was slightly rough.
-Griffon is the best dive coaster
-The Hurler is the only good wooden coaster I have been on
-Lochness Monster is NOT a bad Arrow Looper.
-Alpengeist is awful. (Most of the time)
-Apollo's Chariot is the best hyper coaster I have been on, beating out even Intimidator and Fury 325.
-Tea cup rides are awful.
-Stand up coasters are also awful.
-Tennessee Tornado (at Dollywood) sucked.
-Big Bad Wolf is MUCH better than Verbolten
-Big Bad Wolf was the best ride at Busch Gardens Williamsburg..
-Will get punched for saying all these contrary things....

And with that, I'll save some space and not continue, but I do like this idea!
Resuming regularly scheduled programming!
Wildcat at Hershey Park needs new Rails
^ I think pretty much everyone would agree with that ^
Alright, time to have some fun.

- GateKeeper is painful, boring, and rough.
- I like Arrow Loopers.
- Carowinds is amazing.
- I like Wildcat at Hersheypark.
- Raptor is awful.
- The Beast is better than Mystic Timbers.
- I like walking around a park as much as I like riding rides.
- Millennium Force is boring. (aside from the drop)
- Same for Top Thrill Dragster. (aside from the launch)
- I haven't met a Woodie I didn't like.
- I prefer ejector airtime to floater airtime
- Magnum XL-200 is my 2nd favorite coaster at Cedar Point currently. (not counting Steel Vengeance)
- Montu is the best coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa.
- B&M Inverts are my favorite coaster model ever.

I could probably think of more, but I don't want to offend too many more people more than I already have XD.
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