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Hi I'm new and need help

Hi everyone I'm new to the site. I've always loved playing RCT on my computer but after my disc quit working I quit playing. I was super excited to find the game again on my ipad. Here's where I need help....i can't get past Volcania I've tried looking for help and watching YouTube videos but I only find help if you play on the computer. When I finally finish one coaster the excitement level is at 1.60 at max but nausea rating is always ultra high. I can't figure it out and really making me mad. Does anybody know where I can find a step by step process to help passing the level. Thanks in advance.

If the excitement rating is 1.60, that means the coaster is far too intense. Usually high lateral Gs are to blame for this, and it means the coaster is traveling through elements (curves, inversions, etc.) too quickly. Make sure that all curves above 20 MPH are banked on coasters that permit this, and keep them below 30 on the Wild Mouse just to be safe (below 20 for the tiny ones). Suspended swinging coasters can take large curves at higher speeds, but refrain from using the small curves except at low speeds.

RCT Wikia's official guide gives guidelines on how to successfully complete each coaster. It may not be what you're looking for regarding coaster intensity, but it might be useful just to have on hand.


RCTgo user redbobcat posted his completed version of the scenario, which he built using RCTC.


You could use this to pass the scenario for now and come back to it later. You could also just pause the game to see how he did it and then build your own version.
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I tried finishing the wooden coaster first as they said it will be easier because it's basically built but i didn't have anything steep or I didn't think I had....and it gave me the excitement rating of the 1.60...ill try again and see if I can't fix it
Thanks for the tip terry. I'll keep that in mind

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