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Hello and I need help please!!!!

AngryI have tried several times to get this workable in the game.

The files I am talking about is :
First I tried to do it manuel   -    No Luck
Then I tried to use the CRT_Creator  My results was the same

Can someone download this for me in a file that is actaully working in the game RCT3Platinum and send it to me??  Please.
I was admimitted to Hospice Care cause of a very very Eek  bad heart.  Sugar can't get it controled.  and blacking out spells and the doctors as of now have no answers for me.  So instead of looking at 4 walls surrounding I decided to get out this game I loved.

I used to have this file working, I have created toms of set for RCT3 and RCT2 with the username of osudenny.  I have seen some of my work on here which is great. 

Please help me with this, you can upload it in a woring file in a reply, PM me the file or even email me the file.  Please!!!

Osudenny1 AKA- osudenny, aka Denny Andrews

Thank you
Hi Denny, I love your CS sets, I've used many of them! I'm sorry to hear you're having problems getting that file to work, I don't really have any information to help you but i hope you're able to get an answer from someone else or you're able to figure something else out. Also sorry to hear you're having health problems, i wish you the best Smile
Denny you have my prayers. I can try to get the file to work for you but it'll take time. I sort of have to play around with it
I was able to translate the read me files to english hopefully this will help and hopefully the translation is accurate.

Samplerockers Kart includes 4 RaceKarts. 2 with drift option and 2 without.
2 each for "race" - that means overtakingFlag
and 2 for Continuous Circle - without overtakingFlag

The karts with overtaking flag are called:


The karts without overtakingFlag are called:


They can not be used with the "race start" option.


Copy the folders to Atari / RollercoasterTycoon3 / Cars / TrackrideCars

Car type names are:


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