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not understanding the use for discord

Im going to be completely honest. I think Discord seems useless. I mean if you need to send someone a private message you can always do that here or on google+ discord is just way too hard to use and it seems useless. It would be better of RCTgo had a Google+ page
Sorry you don't get to the use for it, but I will confirm that basically no one will use google +, and the private messages here although they do work are tedious and sent like emails
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Discord does seem useless if all you do is send people private messages, yes. That's not the main function it serves people. People use Discord because Discord has servers. If you just start out, I would recommend knowing at least one server you can hang out in, 2 preferably. And that's not hard, believe me. Everyone and their grandmother has a discord server, seriously. Any YouTuber you watch, any fan wikia, or even a subreddit. Everyone has a community on Discord. And so does RCTgo. But so does everyone else. But also RCTgo.
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I don't use discord at all, I'm sorry but I'm totally disinterested. Its way too difficult just to get started. I was told it won't run without an app. And I honestly don't think I'm gonna download an extra app just to socialize with people. Unless discord proves its worth I'm not bothering with it.
You don't need an app on the computer.
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It's just another social media place people go to and use. Some people like it and others don't. I know some people who use a microphones and talk to each other using Discord this way. Not sure how many other site let you do that. I think it's good to have different options because not everyone stays on the same place all the time.

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