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New Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood themed park. in need of ideas

I'm a huge fan of the Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood series and I've decided to build a park in RCT3 themed to the series. 

The park will include the following themed areas

jungle beach
museum go round
neighborhood school
tree house area 
main street

There's no telling how many rides will be in the park yet

But being a six flags park, we can expect some thrilling stuff the park is going to be called 

"Six Flags of Make-belive" 

As far as rides go the only thing that's set in stone is a trolley transport ride. 

I need some ideas as to what else to build for rides

Do you guys have any ideas?
Go wild with this. That's my only idea. Good luck!
Resuming regularly scheduled programming!
Perhaps since a since six flags parks only have the best of the best rides. Maybe it could show off some build it winners
^ That point is very debatable... (the Six Flags part, go ahead and include whatever rides you want)
Team CoasterTech

I've already designed a good ride station for the "Jungle Beach" area. I'll upload that sometime this week hopefully. It was built with both in game scenery and custom scenery

I'll include a CS list in the download as I need to list all the CS I used. I'll also post links in the description when I upload it

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