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Vote for your favorite track! Round 282

Phoenix was a pretty polished design when compared to the others. I liked Alpinista and Red Alert too, but both had something holding them back from grabbing my attention as much as Phoenix.

For Alpinista, I think it was just a little unfinished in terms of its surroundings and a simple theme which didn't stand out.

Also, would have liked some context to Red Alert. It looks like the kind of entry that would have a kickass story that fills the viewer in on what's happening just through the theme or even through actual text in the description. Chris puts it very well.

Also, pretty surprising for a recreation to stand up to more fantasy-based entries. Out of anything you could have used from the Knoebels recreation, you were wise to use an iconic woodie which is already pretty special for some people. Still, I can't help but think it'd have a lot harder time in a round with more polished themed fantasy rides. Exciting round!
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Given how rct2 is so gridlocked its definitely not a perfect recreation but it serves the purpose pretty well. After watching a POV of the real ride, its pretty accurate
I felt I would throw in some last minute CC:

Phoenix: for a recreation in a game that has some harsh limits, you hit the nail on the head. You also captured the general feel of Knoebels pretty well so I am very impressed.

Red Alert: This feels rushed. I don’t get enough of a sense of what the ride is like and I also feel that as was previously stated you need a story to go along. Just give it something new and original and it will work. Some of the best entries on the site have a great story and that’s what makes it. In whole, you have the shell but you need a little more

The Tornado: PM me.

Alpinista: This is great. I feel like everyone else said it need more of an environment. I like the entry idea but it needs slightly more development.

Phoenix takes the cake for me so beat of luck to all
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