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The Phoenix - Round 282 Winner

[Image: buildit.png]

Round 282 Winner

Congratulations to saxman1089's The Phoenix at Knoebels Amusement Resort, the latest winner of RCTgo's Build It Competiton! The Phoenix at Knoebels Amusement Resort beat the other three entries with 14 votes and 56% of the vote.

This is a recreation of The Phoenix, a classic wooden roller coaster at Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg, Pennsylvania, USA. The Phoenix has been consistently rated as one of the top wooden roller coasters in the world due to its nostalgia and ferocious airtime. Located around the coaster are a number of supporting rides including Gasoline Alley, an antique car ride which allows for unique views of the coaster. For more information on the real life coaster, check out its page on Wikipedia:


This RCT2 recreation has excitement/intensity/nausea ratings of 8.05/8.35/4.97, and was extracted from a larger recreation of the entirety of Knoebels, which can be found here:


This file should be opened using OpenRCT2, as I am not sure if it is vanilla compatible.

I hope you enjoy your ride on The Phoenix!

Votes cast:
The Phoenix at Knoebels Amusement Resort - 14 votes
Red Alert - 5 votes
The Tornado - No votes
Alpinista - 6 votes
Congrats on your first win
4 Build it Wins!!! Thanks to everyone who voted for me!!!
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Congrats on the win!
Resuming regularly scheduled programming!
Wooo! Thanks all! Glad you guys liked it!
2 Time Build-It Winner (Phoenix and Talon)

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Bethlehem Steelworks (industrial-themed amusement park set in Bethlehem, PA)
Congrats Sax!
On a temporary hiatus from any projects.

Congratulations! Not bad for a first entry!
Congrats; it was a spectacular recreation, and was worthy of winning the Build It! competition.
Congrats on the win!
Congrats on the win for this round!

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