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Infinity Wars Discussion

(Non-spoiler comment) I saw the movie opening night, and to anyone else who has seen it, what are your thoughts? I loved the film and am glad Disney/Marvel took the bold direction they did. Unfortunately, coming from someone who has seen all the related Marvel movies, it is obvious that people who have not seen many of the Marvel films will be completely lost throughout the film. Context from other movies is very important to understanding this film.

Feel free to include spoilers in your responses but please tag in the beginning of your post whether your response includes spoilers or not.
I haven't seen it, but I feel like it should be split into 2 parts. With so many main characters, i't probably hard to get them all in a justifiable amount. Throw in a big battle, and it's tight.
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I can agree that 2 parts may have been necessary, there were so many characters grouped into their separate storylines that the movie jumped between throughout (Seemed to be at least 3 "groups" at all times, sometimes 4 or even 5 before they start forming the main groups).
I haven't seen it yet, no spoilers please
I just saw it today, and I'll make this spoiler free

It was hands down my favourite Marvel movie ever, and I love civil war and Iron Man 1 but this is just something else. They finally decided to take some risks, and it paid off big time, Thanos is an excellent villain, the entire movie tugs at your heartstrings but in order for it to be successful you need to see the other 18 movies like Rudy said, to really have that emotional connection to the characters
It felt like an hour and a half even though it was over 2 and a half and I'm still processing it, the ending is very impactful
Feel free to message me if you want to talk about it in spoiler town
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I would highly recommend watching at least both other avengers films, captain america winter soldier and civil war, black panther, thor ragnarok, and guardians 1 to really somewhat get what's going on in the movie
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You should watch most of the major movies in the MCU if you want to understand everything in Infinity War. You can skip movies like Ant Man since he isn't in the movie, as well as black panther since Wakanda doesn't play a huge role. I would at least recommend watching both Avengers movies, as well as every Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor movie this generation. Below is the chronological order (Timeline wise) of movies to watch leading up to Infinity War. I omitted a few movies that aren't very relevant to the events of Infinity war.

1. Captain America: The First Avenger
2. Iron Man
3 Iron Man 2
4. Thor
5. Avengers
6. Iron Man 3
7. Thor: The Dark World
8. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
9. Guardians of the Galaxy
10. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
11. Avengers: Age of Ultron
12. Captain America: Civil War
13. Doctor Strange
14. Spider-Man: Homecoming
15. Black Panther
16. Thor: Ragnarok

There are a lot of movies here, so if you have to skip more than I already omitted, I'd recommend skipping Iron Man 2, Thor: The Dark World, and Black Panther.

All you really need to know about Black Panther is what the civilization of Wakanda is and just general knowledge about that.

The origin movies for Thor and Iron man can also be omitted if you understand the characters enough, as those really just develop who their respective characters are. Whats really important is where everyone is and what they're doing by the time the events of Infinity War rolls around.
To be fair you need to know who Okoye and Shuri are for this film, and the big battle takes place in Wakanda so I do think Black Panther is rpetty important
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I haven't seen Black Panther so personally for me I was able to understand what was going on with the limited background knowledge I already had. I'm actually going to watch it from Redbox this weekend but everyone says it's a great MCU movie.
meh its ok, I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed Ant-Man and Doctor Strange, it got a bit too political for my taste, it wasn't bad but very marvel fomulaic to me, and there were some severely underdeveloped characters and relationships
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