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Hello, my name is Slurp (formerly Slurpee_Man), and I was an avid user of RCTgo in the past. I am finding it harder and harder to run RCT3 on my computer, as well as finding the time to play. My computer doesn't support RCT2. And though I've played a lot of Planet Coaster, it just isn't the same. So I think it's time I said goodbye to my old hobby and moved on. I greatly enjoyed my time at RCTgo, so thank you Justin for making this great site. I know my time here might have been controversial, so I apologize to anyone I may have hurt or offended. I have been quite immature in the past, looking back on it. But this site was where I felt most at home, and I appreciate that. I'm just kind of sad that so many great creators have left the site, and I just don't feel like I can contribute anymore. As much as I want to play more RCT, my schedule is getting busier and my computer is being uncooperative. Maybe someday I'll buy a cheap computer to play the first two games on, but for now, I'm done. 

Great thanks to the following users: 
- Justin (for creating the site)
- Terry Inferno (for being a creative, passionate RCT player who's work I really enjoy)
- RCCOA Coasters (for being a really nice all-around friend)
- Chimalion (for being a really nice all-around friend, again)
- ChrisMDB (for being a fair fellow)
- MrNozem77 (who may not remember me, but we used to be friends)
- Drew (for being a nice dose of humor)
- BlazingEmpireHD (for making creations better than I gave them credit for)
- rickerttt (for making my favorite pieces on the site, kudos, sir)
And finally, to all of those who offered critiques of my work in the past. You all have helped me grow in ways I couldn't imagine.

Thank you guys, and (for now) signing off,


[Side note: I'll be leaving my downloads up for now, so if you want to get them, get them soon]
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Farewell. I hope you get to come back and join us one day. Until then, God Speed.
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Aw, this is disheartening, Slurp. I was wondering where you had gone. Even if you can't play RCT3 any further, why is this stopping you from being active in RCTgo? I can 100% guarantee that there are members here who do not have any of the games, yet participate/have participated in RCTgo's threads. You are no exception. Take up a challenge and remain active here, you won't hurt anyone by doing so.

Even if we have had our words and clashings, you've had an impact here and I'd hope you stay. If you choose not too, I bid thee farewell. It has been good, Slurp! Until next time, Godspeed!
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Hey Slurp, sorry to hear you'll be leaving us, but I wish you the best in the future. Should you ever pick up the games again or just want to get back into the community, everything should still be here for ya.


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