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ImagineerTim's Joris en de Draak [POV] Reupload

Here another reupload from 2013. Vekoma Indoor MK themed to Efteling's Joris en de Draak legend.
It joins my vekoma indoor coaster series.
Now I have plenty of them with many diffrent themes. 
From Paris to the Draak swamp lol
Have fun!

Cool that must have taken a very long time
(May 21, 2018, 10:44 PM)Princess Anna Of Arendelle Wrote: Cool that must have taken a very long time

Actually not that much. As you can see there is often darkness and only some scenes where theming is.
Rides like that dont take that much time. 
Moulin Rouge Coaster for example I had to built a whole city lol
Sometimes I start something but can't find the motivation to finish it. In fact I've attempted several RMC Conversions or new builds but can never find the motivation to finish them. Same with some B&Ms and a handful of wooden coasters. I tend to lose my motivation easily when I can't get something to come out Right

Its a very time consuming process to build a good entry for a competition
yeah. you have to have an idea behind a project. then its more easy to finish Smile

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