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Vote for your favorite track! Round 285

[Image: buildit.png]

Round 285 Voting

It's time for another round of voting for RCTgo's Build It! Competition. Four more great entries are up for voting - below are the name and screenshot of each. It's now time for you to vote for your favorite track!

Let's have a great round!

#1: Frostbite

[Image: 5b1717c417642.png]

#2: 'Shroom Fantasy World

[Image: 5b1ed6f9a691d.png]

#3: Twisted Tiger - RMC Gwazi

[Image: 5b1ef7799d09c.png]

#4: Bay Watch - The disaster episode

[Image: 5b1f84545fb80.jpg]

Voting is now open!

Voting will remain open until Tuesday, June 19
I'm really not sure how to vote in this round RMC gwazi catches my eye and might get my vote there's only one nit pic I have about it and that's the fact that we don't know if its even going to happen. BGT HAS filed a Trademark for the name "Twisted Tiger" but it's unsure if its going to be an RMC of gwazi or a different type of rollercoaster so I don't think I would've made this assuming it was offical
Whether it happens or not, the RMC Gwazi is still a good entry and deserves that credit. I may be a little biased because BGT is my home park but I will need more time to decide my vote.
Frostbite and 'Shroom Fantasy World are both beautifully crafted and eye catching! Baywatch Disaster would've been cool to see more pictures of, maybe a pov video would've helped, can't tell much about the ride itself. Twisted Tiger literally made me have fond flashbacks of riding my favorite coasters at BGT! Beautiful structure, smooth exciting ride, well crafted, you got my vote!
Voted for Twisted Tiger as well!
Well I'd say that RMC Gwazi probably is the better of all the entries here dispite the real one being in question of happening or not. But that's why I'm questioning the realism on it because BGT hasn't made an official announcement nor have they released picture of the layout(s) so because RMC gwazi is just a fantasy coaster right now i can't say how realistic the layout is but its an idea worth pitching to BGT because the old Gwazi is still just sitting there
Anna if you're going to be that strict about how realism applies to an entry than all of these are unrealistic because none of them exist in reality.

I said I'd be back, and here's my CC as of right now:

An excellent RMC for RCT2 standards, and the last one competing with Twisted Tiger in my opinion. Can't decide between the two at the moment, and there's really nothing here for me to say other than it looks fantastic, great work on this with team SpaceCrab.

'Shroom Fantasy World:
If I could give the RMC's a combined first place than this would be second by a long shot. A very creative idea coupled with creative use of pieces (both scenery and track) create a very one-of-a-kind ride that I don't think the site has seen yet. In another round this may have been the first Go-Kart track to have won Build-It!

Twisted Tiger:
Excellent layout, but as I've been saying for a while here you NL2 guys really need to take the next big step and learn how to add scenery other than trees and rides that are already in the game. If this had scenery/looked like it was actually in Busch Gardens then it would win hands down, but because it doesn't I'm still trying to decide whether I like Frostbite more.

Bay Watch: This round's throwaway of sorts, barely any screenshots and no POV mean that we can't see your ride. Next time you enter make sure you include a POV, or at least enough screenshots to where we can see what you've entered.
Team CoasterTech

My vote is in between Frostbite and Mario Kart, like I get Tiger is no limits so scenery is limited but still as cool as a layout as it is, the scenery just isn't there (besides the needed trees and station)
Both Frostbite and Mario Kart have excellent theming and scenery work, the mario kart one is absolutely brilliant, and Frostbite just really is well done over all, especially inside the building, I liked the slide aspect a lot
Bay Watch I don't think I need to explain about why I'm not voting for it, 3 screenshots is definitely not enough for what seems like it could be a dark ride? Or at least a heavily themed ride, would love to get a POV
[Image: ZCL35lY.jpg]

This is by far one of the best rounds we've seen in quite some time. Every entry actually looks like it took a lot of effort to make, well, at least some effort. Wink

In the end, it is a close knit race between the two RMC's, but I have to give it to Frostbite because it has immersive theming. It may even fight for the best RMC on the site, and that is including....Alterran. Smile

Props to who entered this round! If we can get at least half this quality every round from each entry, we're well on our way to something stunning. Good luck to all this round!
Resuming regularly scheduled programming!
Tough decision, voted for Frostbite in the end.
I'm playing rct2. Feel free to message me everytime you need to know something about the game or just want to have a nice little talk. <3

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