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Planet Coaster looks too complicated

I must admit that after seeing some videos  of the way building in Planet coaster is, Im not sure if I want to get it. Its editor is far too complicated for my liking. It would probably take a good full day just to create a smooth layout where in rct3 a smooth layout can be achieved in maybe 10 minutes or less 

Scenery is understandable no matter what game you use its a long process. 

This is just my honest opinion though having seen the building processes in both games
It's slow when you first start, but speaking from experience it can be done quite quickly (and even faster than RCT3) once you get used to it. Scenery is what takes forever in Planet Coaster.
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Then why are all PC construction videos Time Lapsed?
Because if you listen to someone like silv. His time lapse is thirty minutes but he says it usually takes four of five hours to do that
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If you're already against the editor without even having the game nor even testing it is a little bit silly honestly. Never knock it, until you try it. Besides, Planet Coaster is an awesome game - why would you let something that could be easily learnable draw you back from a game that is 10x better than RCT3?

Try it. It can't hurt ya to try.
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I'm not saying planet coaster isn't a good game, I'm just saying that it seems to have a more complex editor than rct3 especially since it seems just building a coaster's layout can take hours where in rct3 it might take maybe a max of 10-20 minutes if that. I agree that Planet coaster is a good game but it's editor is complicated.
But that's just it, it might be two hours for some people, because they're trying to get a perfect layout. You haven't even tried it out for yourself - my suggestion is just get the game and try it out anyways. There's so much more to Planet Coaster to be lost over a "complicated" editor.
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You could build a coaster in PC in like 20 min, the only real time consuming process is if you want the smoothest ride possible (Which doesnt matter too much in the game unless you're entering it in a contest or putting it up for download). Even then it shouldn't take more than 45 min to an hour depending on how long the ride is. Making your own barrel rolls or other form of twist is by far the unsmoothest part of the PC coaster editor and will take the most time to smooth.

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