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Vote for your favorite track! Round 286

I voted for scoop simply because I find it's color scheme attractive and the scenery is very well done.
none of the above
So I was torn between Scoop and Hurricane. I was in a unique position having seen both of those entries in-game previously, and enjoying them both. I think if I was judging off of that experience, I would vote for Scoop. Great RCT2 realism right there, the stuff I really enjoy.

However, thinking much like a juror would, I have to go with the evidence that's presented here, and that makes Hurricane the winner in my eyes. Great NCSO work, and lots of screens to get the whole picture.
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Scoop is beautiful, I love the colors! However, wish there were a few more screenshots. Nice work though, looks very realistic.

Iron Blossom looks like a fun ride however there's not enough scenery and theming to make it stand out as a winner. 

Cyclone Racer really grabbed my attention (at first), but the lack of screenshots and theming kind of made me pass it up. Wish there had been at least a pov, that may have helped it. Looks like a really fun ride!

Hurricane got my vote! Beautiful scenery and color and plenty of screenshots, but what really did it for me was how realistic it looks! I love the parking lot and how everything looks real life. Great entry!

Best of luck to all the entries, hope everyone has a great week!
No offense intended by what I'm about to post, but I'm honestly not a huge fan of any of these. I'm a sucker for B&M Inverts, so I really want to vote for Scoop, but there aren't enough screenshots for me to get behind it (I can't even see the whole layout). Iron Blossom's layout just seems all willy-nilly, and while I don't object to a lack of exterior scenery per se, the scenery that interacts with the ride is about as generic and basic as you can get. Cyclone Racer has next to no scenery at all, enough said. Hurricane is a complete entry in that it has a pretty good layout and scenery both on the exterior of and within the ride, but I'm not the biggest fan of the latter scenery; other than the station, it's mostly just trees.

I voted for Hurricane, since it's pretty much the only entry that has all the pieces necessary to be a contender, but honestly I probably wouldn't if it had been entered into most other Build-It rounds. Don't take my opinions too harshly, though. I'm not trying to discourage anyone here, I'm just trying to explain why I'm not bullish on this round.
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It would have helped to have had sufficient layout coverage in the screenshots, but from what I can see, this is definitely the most polished and realistic of this round's entries. Nothing looks out of place, and everything blends together nicely. No complaints from me about this coaster or its surrounding area, but it would have definitely received the recognition it deserved had we been able to see the entire thing. Not providing enough screenshots is a silly reason to lose votes, but it's one that you have full control over.

Iron Blossom
If the entire coaster and its surroundings can be built before the end of March, Year 1, that's a strong indication that more time needs to be spent on the entry. This one is no exception. The layout is entirely random, the color scheme is default, the scenery supports don't match the
coaster colors, there's only one type of tree, and no attempt was made to change the terrain in any way.

Cyclone Racer
This might be the most accurate recreation of this coaster that has ever been built, and we would have no way of knowing since the screenshot only shows half of the ride. What it does show is that the surrounding area is completely devoid of scenery minus the station and a couple objects on the supports that could be signs, but are likely only legible if you happen to be sailing down the river.

This Eurofighter has a nice layout, but the environment is lacking compared to other areas of this park. Fences don't line up, the foliage seems inconsistent and somewhat haphazard in some places (so many flower colors), and it isn't really clear what purpose that parking lot serves. Overall, it isn't put together quite as well as Entry 1, but it isn't a bad entry either. With a bit more polish, it could have a more realistic look to it, but I don't believe that this entry is quite there yet, even in comparison with some of the other coasters in this park (like the yellow one right next door).
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Scoop doesn't have any information other than ratings and pictures, which leads me to believe it is whoever uploaded it's first time doing Build It! That is great, and I like how he could be a "rising star" but I had to vote for the second one.

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