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The Boardwalk

So, with all of the Planet Coaster community members building some form of boardwalk, I was eager to build one myself, in RCT3.  I started several parks of two or three weeks but never got the start I wanted.  Finally after laying down a border on plain ground, I came up with a better way to build one and I am quite happy with my first 48 hours of work.  I decided I wanted a ride and game heavy pier more than food and coaster so as to put me out of my comfort zone.  I also wanted to use the main street sets, and again, push me out of my comfort zone.  So without further delay, here are the screen shots:


Some areas just try to look like you county fair on a pier, which is what i was going for here.


I'm even doing some advertising for some of my other parks




If any of you are familiar with Knoebels, you know that Fascination is the most popular game there and here is my take on it.  While i couldn't get the lanes to have all the detail I wanted, my signs did turn out good.


All day lockers.  May or may not keep these.  Not sure what else would fit here.


And a very familiar looking cite here, not sure where i recognize it from.

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