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Vote for your favorite track! Round 287

talon for sure..., great recreation
Splash Battle
This is the first time I've ever seen anyone build one of these in any theme park game/simulator, so it's a novelty at the very least. It's themed quite nicely, and the "outskirts" are definitely filled in well. The missing element on this particular one is the potential for boat-on-boat soak action, which is equally important to boat-on-peep soak action. This layout has long straight sections that parallel other long straight sections, so every boat could just soak every guest by leaving their gun at a 45-degree angle while the boats running in the opposite direction could do the same thing on the other side, eliminating much of the interactive portion of a ride that depends entirely on being interactive in order to be exciting. Splash Battle rides tend to have curvier layouts for this purpose, requiring the riders to be alert regarding both guests and other boats equally, which is from where the excitement factor stems.

Gun Metal
The pre-drop is interesting, but after that, it becomes very "stock" RCT2. Definitely a layout that you could just sit down and build without much thought or planning, and if the amount of hills that are just flat-to-steep and steep-to-flat conversions don't exemplify this perfectly, the number of launched lift hills remove all ambiguity. Seriously, there's one stretch that's literally the same element three times in a row. Other people have noted that the scenery and landscaping can be improved dramatically, and that's important to note, but to me the layout is the most haphazard element of this entry. More element variety would help considerably, as would improving the flow to the point where you don't need to awkwardly speed up the ride several times throughout the duration.
Even though many of the buildings are built in the style of RCT1, this is very much a RCT2 entry; the station gives it away, as do the steps on the path. That last tidbit was for ChrisMDB, not for the builder of this entry.

Fantastic level of detail here, not much could have been improved. The mulch texture under the ride is almost distracting (especially since it matches the planters almost too well), but it's completely accurate based on the terrain on which the real coaster is built; the real Talon is, essentially, one massive planter with a coaster dropped on it. Based on screenshots of Talon and its surrounding area, this builder clearly paid very close attention to each detail when constructing this.

Winter Wonderland
There isn't much you can do with Snow Cups, so I applaud the sheer audacity of this RCTC player. Basically, the building is a giant box, but if the building were too fantastic, at a certain point, it would be all about the building and not about the ride at all; with an indoor flat ride, the outside is far less important than the inside. In this case, the interior contains two snowmen, two trees and two igloos. And realistically, with a ride where you spend the entire duration spinning in circles, you really don't need much more than that. The downside to entering a flat ride instead of a tracked ride is, the lack of a custom layout puts you at a major disadvantage. Not only are you entering something that anyone can build with one click (plus one minute of scenery work), but you're also limiting your environment and scenery capabilities to a very small area. Roller coasters are ideal to enter because they have considerably more versatile layout capabilities than any other rides in the game, though other tracked rides (such as Entry #1 this round) can be versatile enough to create noteworthy environments.
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