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Vote for your favorite track! Round 287

[Image: buildit.png]

Round 287 Voting

It's time for another round of voting for RCTgo's Build It! Competition. Four more great entries are up for voting - below are the name and screenshot of each. It's now time for you to vote for your favorite track!

Let's have a great round!

#1: Splash Battle: Wild West Shootout

[Image: 5b7171f6883e6.jpg]

#2: Gun Metal

[Image: 5b71dc116dc0d.jpeg]

#3: Talon

[Image: 5b79858d0e4f2.png]

#4: Winter Wonderland

[Image: 5b83b016d83ce.png]

Voting is now open!

Voting will remain open until Tuesday, September 4
It's down to two in this one. Splash battle and Talon. I will have CC in a bit
4 Build it Wins!!! Thanks to everyone who voted for me!!!
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Es hat eine Weile gedauert. Erst waren die vier Teilnehmer komplett, dann waren es wieder drei. Aber jetzt können wir endlich abstimmen.

SPLASH BATTLE - Leider kann man auf den Screenshots nicht die ganze Bahn erkennen. Aber das was ich sehe gefällt mir. Die Szenerie ist sehr schön im Westernstil mit viel Holz gestaltet.

GUN METAL - Eine große und schnelle Achterbahn. Der Eingangsbereich ist okay, die Bahn selbst steht im Wald. Es ist natürlich sehr einfach, ein paar Bäume hinzusetzen. Szenerie könnte besser sein.

TALON - Diese Bahn ist sehr gut gestaltet. Der Eingangsbereich und auch die verschiedenen Gebäude im Vordergrund bieten sehr viel Abwechslung. Die Achterbahn selbst sieht auch interessant aus. Durch die gelbe Farbgebung kann man die Bahn sehr gut erkennen.

WINTER WONDERLAND - Hier kann man leider überhaupt nichts erkennen!!!
Translation of Weste’s CC:

It has taken a while. First, the four participants were complete, then there were three again. But now we can finally vote.
SPLASH BATTLE - Unfortunately you can not see the whole layout on the screenshots. But I like what I see. The scenery is beautifully designed in western style with lots of wood.
GUN METAL - A big and fast roller coaster. The entrance area is okay, the train itself is in the woods. Of course it is very easy to put down a few trees. Scenery could be better.
TALON - This track is very well designed. The entrance area and the various buildings in the foreground offer a lot of variety. The roller coaster itself looks interesting too. Due to the yellow color you can see the layout very well.
WINTER WONDERLAND - unfortunately you can not see anything here !!!
4 Build it Wins!!! Thanks to everyone who voted for me!!!
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I like Splash Battle. However, you cannot consider it a rollercoaster and therefore it will not get my vote. Winter Wonderland has the same issue. It's not even a tracked ride. Since Talon is my favourite of the 2 rollercoaster entries, it gets my vote.
I think any tracked ride is eligible to enter, such as dark rides, but that can also include something like Go-Karts and in this case boat rides. If they're themed well enough, then those types of rides can deserve a win over a roller coaster entry.
Any ride is eligible for entry as long as it meets the scenery standards. We've seen several tracked rides in the competition thus far, though this is the first round where someone has entered an untracked flat ride that has actually made it into the round.

Definitely will be close between the two more polished entries. I may post a review later on, or not. Who knows at this point.
[Image: 7sFmb4x.jpg]
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I wonder how Winter Wonderland slipped through, as its just a closed-in Ice Cups ride.

I mean, if it was a closed-in, Winter-themed coaster or log flume; we'd have something really interesting. However, we don't.

I voted for Talon, BTW. My favorite roller coaster at Dorney Park.
Here we have an... interesting round.

Winter Wonderland: I frankly don't know why this is here other than to get the competition started, next!

Gun Metal: Nothing particularly remarkable about this entry, the layout isn't particularly realistic or interesting. Not much time was really put into scenery work or landscaping either from the looks of it - granted this appears to be a RCT1 coaster, but that's hardly an excuse. Take a look at other entries from the game you've decided to work in and take inspiration from them to improve.

Talon: Not much to comment on here, it's complete and looks fantastic. The custom chairswing was a nice addition as well, the Egyptian rubble may have been a little overused as rocks though. (Talon also claimed my vote)

Splash Battle: I think what has consistantly peeved me the most about nearly all of the RCT3 entries we've seen in the last year is that all of them show potential and show that you know what you're doing with the game, yet for some inexplicable reason decisions are made while the project is in development that tear what you're trying to accomplish down (get ready as this may turn into a tiny 'rant').

- Foliage: In the background of the screenshots - and POV - I can clearly see that you know what you're doing with custom foliage in the game and that you can make it look rather good. What boggles my mind is that you chose to avoid using any of it near the ride itself and rather chose to use vanilla cacti among other objects (such as dead trees). Why? For the most part vanilla foliage isn't bad, but when you put it in the same shot as custom foliage that has better draw distance, higher poly models, and more detailed textures they just look bad.

- Scenery: For something labeled as being 'very custom scenery heavy' it sure doesn't look like you've made use of much. Sure, there's the backdrop foliage, the stationhouse, paths, the ride, and one odd building or two, but the majority of what is seen around the ride in the POV are all vanilla assets. I understand that there aren't animatronics for Western themed things on CS Depot (mostly because people don't make them), but that doesnt' mean mixing vanilla and CS is something necessary here. As stated with the foliage, the two styles simply do not mix well in RCT3. Some sets you should look into if you plan on making more Western themed rides include (but are not limited to):

- StationJimJr's Western Things 1.1: https://www.customscenerydepot.com/index...;down=1136
- StationJimJr's Western Things 2 : https://www.customscenerydepot.com/index...;down=1146
- Stressed Out West 1 : https://www.customscenerydepot.com/index...;down=3225
- Stressed Out West 2 : https://www.customscenerydepot.com/index...;down=3509

Also, in the future consider using more flowing styles of path covers and curbs. The wooden style that you've employed here works really well with stations but generally doesn't look the best elsewhere because it adheres perfectly to the vanilla grid and cannot form more angular or free-flowing paths.

This is certainly not bad, but there is still room for improvement in a lot of areas. Picking a different ride type next time will also allow you more freedom to experiment with terraforming and painting as choosing a water ride really forces you to stick it in a level body of water.
Team CoasterTech

My CC:

Splash Battle

I love "off-the-wall" entries including darkrides and noncoasters. This being your first entry, of course you're still learning, and so I would encourage you to take what CC you get here and use it to your advantage. I love the creativity of this ride and theming but the Western feel could have been highlighted more. Chris is right, this could have so much more as far as CS. That said, you still did a great job and as this entry may not be the winner this round I think we'll see greater things from you in future rounds. You're on the right path!

Gun Metal

Not a bad looking coaster! To be honest it looks like it would be a lot of fun to ride. The theme itself or should I say, the name, kind of makes me think the color should be maybe a darker shade. Maybe black or silver. I feel like that would have made the coaster stand out more in the background as well.


Certainly the most colorful of the entries this round! This park layout is beautiful, stunning to say the least. I love the gazebo-like building over the ride near the center and the vendor stalls are awesome! The color of the coaster is the exact choice to make it stand out from the rest of the park. The first screenshot could be a picture hanging on my office wall, I love it!

Winter Wonderland

I'm not sure if this is a joke so I don't want to hurt any feelings. If it's serious, great job! If it's a joke, great job! 

Best of luck to all the entries!

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