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Trouble Uploading

Hi, I'm Marco, Italian, sorry can u tell me how can I load the files in rtc3 after that I donwloaded? and of what program I need on computer? My computer is Windows 10 but I think that i haven't the program that can support these files, what is? Thanks for everything Smile
Hi Marco - welcome to RCTgo. Read this
Thanks so much, Now i have anothe problem sorry haha, do u know why my game closes when i click on a scenary that added I in the game? The same thing when I would open the park Mirabilandia, I click and during the loading rtc3 close itself.
Well, the READ ME is always important when CS is required. Be sure to have all stuff in the right place. Put the CS for example into the "style/themed"-folder. Sometimes you need a "style/custom"-folder. Just follow the READ ME instructions. Good luck!

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