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Magiska Dalen - Round 288 Winner

[Image: buildit.png]

Round 288 Winner

Congratulations to MK98's Magiska Dalen, the latest winner of RCTgo's Build It Competiton! Magiska Dalen beat the other three entries with 12 votes and 55% of the vote.

My first Build It! submission. I really tried to focus on the foliage and atmosphere for this park, I think it turned out great. The archy was inspired by a combination between Copenhagen and Sweden. I'm glad to have finished this park in only 4 weeks. I hope you like it!

Votes cast:
Magiska Dalen - 12 votes
Panther - 2 votes
Buzzard County Mine Train - 3 votes
Betri Langskip - 5 votes
4 Build it Wins!!! Thanks to everyone who voted for me!!!
Current Project: Learn how to use Parkitect
Congrats!!! You deserve the victory  Smile
Congrats, another great RCT2 win for the competition's archive. Looking forward to seeing more out of the rest of the competition too.
Team CoasterTech

Congrats on the win!
Thanks guys! This really motivates me to do more.
Congratulations, MK! Hopefully see much more from you.
Currently working on a fictional Italian non-park. Expected release date: Soon™

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Congrats on the win, MK 98 Smile !

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