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Eldur Rokk - Round 290 Winner

[Image: buildit.png]

Round 290 Winner

Congratulations to Antonov-225's Eldur Rokk, the latest winner of RCTgo's Build It Competiton! Eldur Rokk beat the other three entries with 9 votes and 39% of the vote.

The legends spoke of an ancient city that stood above the world. They spoke of the stormy night the forests began to howl with the screams of the dead. The people of the city would run as fast as they could without time to switch off the lights. Will those who venture awake the spirits after centuries asleep? Will the return or shall the spirits dance with you?

This is a RCT3 mack slingshot coaster that I've spent the last 9 or so months working on. It has a classical European theme with inspiration from many different architectural styles including French, Austrian, German, Spanish as well as a few other different styles. The coaster has a height of 120 feet, a speed of 105 km/h (65 mph) and a g force of 3.5 g's. It has 8 inversions. All this gives it an:
Excitement - 8.92
Intensity - 4.31
Nausea - 3.75

The coaster makes use of a large amount of custom scenery as well as lighting to enhance the setting surrounding the coaster so I hope you enjoy Eldur Rokk which took over a hundred hours of work Smile

Here is a pov and some cinamatic shots at both day and night - https://youtu.be/fKDJVIccCjQ

Votes cast:
Stranger Things - 4 votes
Eldur Rokk - 9 votes
Timberhawk - 4 votes
Moonbeam - 6 votes
Well done to all my fellow competitors in this round. This appears to have been a crazy round and I seriously thought I had no chance against the other entries. Good luck to everyone in their future entries and I hope you all have great day!
Congrats Antonov!
Wow this round's voting was split! Not to say I didn't expect it, I took a whole week myself to decide which one I would vote for. Congrats Antonov, on another stellar project, really looking forward to more from you and everyone else in the round.
Team CoasterTech

Great win, Antonov! This one was one of the best rounds we've had in awhile. Very hard-fought too. Well done, everyone!
Resuming regularly scheduled programming!
Blaze!!! Glad you're back!!
Thanks, mate! I've been around, but not on the forums. Thanks again, Brad!

Great win once more, Antonov!
Resuming regularly scheduled programming!

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