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Three years on RCTgo!

Has the time flown by that quickly? I joined this site three years ago and I can hardly believe it. 

When I joined, I didn't expect to be somebody here on RCTgo, but I wanted to be somebody. I released my very first scenario the next day, and then a couple more in the beginning of November in 2016. Now, here I am well respected and well-loved by a lot of the RCT2 community - or at least I think! How did I do it? I didn't do it. You all did on RCTgo.

You all started a fire in my heart for making scenarios and improving on this site that I would have never expected. Time after time you all put up with me and my antics, and my awful builds and kept helping me improve thereupon. I'm not the best player ever, but I am far better now than I was three years ago. Thank you all so very much for ALL of this! I could not have done any of this without you in RCTgo!  Biggrin

Marking today, I've uploaded 197 downloads (ah phooey, three off!) and 139 of them are scenarios. That's crazy! My highest download in count is 1,099 (gol darnit xD) for my first scenario pack released. Biome Quarters, scenario 50 has over 800 downloads! 
Alterran, an attempt to make an RMC in RCT2 peaks at 614 downloads! The Poltergeist is quickly catching with 493. It was released around this time last year!
Chamber Lake, my very first scenario has reached 839 downloads! Wow!

Enough of the neat little statistics; this place is special to me still. I've may of taken a little bit of a tirade recently, but I can never forget that if I'd not come here and applied, and that you all were so gracious to me, I'd very certainly not be here and not have made so many good friends. Thank you all, really, so much!!!

Know what this means? I suppose this marks that I am officially going to (try to) return to RCTgo and its Forums sections! Yippie! See you around, and hopefully, year 4 of RCTgo will be just as spectacular as year 3!  Biggrin
Resuming regularly scheduled programming!
Yippie! Thanks for all the fun Blazing!

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