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RCT3 I can't get pictures to show up on billboards in Windows 10

My new computer is windows 10 and although I had no problem getting the pictures for the billboards to show up in Windows 7, it
is not working in windows 10.  Anyone else have that problem or a solution.  Help.
I had the same problem, check this:

thanks Brad, I did exactly what he said and Windows 10 would not let me uncheck read only. I would uncheck it in both files, click apply, click ok and then get out of windows explorer. When I went back the read only was still checked. I'm going to try and see if there is a patch or something for my version of windows 10, maybe that's the problem.

Well That didn't work. Windows 10  up to date.  There is a weiird thing though.  In one of my parks that I created two months ago, I had a number of billboards and they still have the pictures in them.  Unless I am totally wrong, that can't be if I can't get pictures to come up in the billboard picture area.  That park is getting it's pictures from somewhere and I can't find out where.   I would greatly welcome any suggestions at this point.


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